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The Clean-Up Crew

Posted on Fri Jan 4th, 2019 @ 1:28pm by Lieutenant Commander Jael Steiger & Ensign Day Smith & Lieutenant JG Doyle Tregre

Mission: Colony Support
Location: Main Conference Room
Timeline: MD-01

Jael gave herself two hours before having the briefing with her away team. It gave the crew enough time to brainstorm on their own and to become rather familiar with the situation that had been handed over to them. 48 hours was not a lot of time, though technically they were at 46 now with only 17 hours until arrival at the colony. At least she didn’t have to think too hard when deciding who would be accompanying her.

The crews’ collective skills and talents weren’t questionable; it was their impulsive behaviors that often got in the way of completing the task at hand. They also weren’t called The Second Chance Squad for nothing.

After much internal debate and a brief chat with her husband, Jael decided to reinstate Lieutenant Tregre, with Alexia’s approval, as Acting Chief Engineer. Much like his friend Bree, the Lieutenant violated orders to not engage with the problem colonists by punching one in the face. It was a provoked attack, yes, but he had the opportunity to take the moral high-road and walk away from the conflict. After paying his repentance and successfully stepping up during the attack, Jael felt he deserved what others were receiving: his second chance. Though she would still find every opportunity to poke fun at his fist-fighting skills.

Ensign Smith was also an easy choice. She was still learning slowly, and still growing slowly, and this opportunity would not only let her show off her brain but force her to take another step outside of her comfort zone. Jael was eager to hear the Ensign’s suggestions for a solution to Gemini’s dire problem.

Dr. Hall was a new addition to the crew after the sudden departure of their previous Chief. This ship was a revolving door for officers, though it came to no surprise to Jael because of the type of officers that were sought out or accepted. Many have stepped up and taken this opportunity with a firm grasp; some, however, have quivered at the idea of having to actually work instead of talking back or partying. The Doctor had a strong background and would surely be needed just in case something went horribly wrong. With Jael’s luck, it would.

Jael quietly stood at the back of the conference room as the officers filed in and created a buzz of chatter around the large table. At least the energy for the briefing about a colony was much brighter than the last briefing about a colony.

Day came into the room, three separate PADDs in one arm, reading one more that she held in her other hand. She didn't look up or mingle, engrossed in the exact details of the star at the centre of the solar system. They were at an advantage to have been closely monitoring it for the past few years as the new colonies were going to be established. This made the fluctuations understandable, if not predictable. As she shuffled into a chair at the conference room table she looked up and pulled it aside and then sat down before returning her attention to the information on the PADD.

Why is it when you want something, it's a fight. But if you don't want something it keeps falling in your lap. This bloody Chief spot was clearly jinxed and yet here he was in the acting spot again. Honestly, he hadn't been overly disappointed when he'd lost it the first time yet they gave it back to him! Shaking his head as he walked into the office and headed to take his place. A slight courteous nod was given to the others before looking to the PaDD he'd brought with him.

Dr. Hall entered writing another Death Certificate. He kept them on hand just in case so he could send them without wasting too much time in Sickbay. Although he didn't let anyone know too much about what he did. He sat down without an expression.

As soon as everyone settled in their chairs and the small talk lowered to a murmur, Jael moved from the back of the room to the computer at the head of the large conference table. “The Centaurus has been tasked to assist a colony called Gemini in the Malorus Belt. There is a solar storm approaching, far more intense than predicted, and they are in need of us to reinforce their defences.” Jael pressed a few buttons on the console to bring up the images of the predicted storm and the blueprints of the Gemini colony. “Their buildings were built using Rodinium, which is, as you Engineers know, Federation standard. However, it is incapable of holding up against the strength of the storm approaching which is set to hit in two days. We will arrive at the colony in 19 hours, so we only have 13 hours once we arrive.”

Jael moved her attention to Doyle and Day sitting across from each other. “Lieutenant Tregre and Ensign Day, you will be working together to come up with a design to get the colonists through this storm. After looking at the plans and the predicted storm, do you have any suggestions on how to secure the base?”

Day looked up from her PADD and then over at the Lieutenant that had been mentioned before her. "We have not yet had time to go over the specifics together." It wasn't a big surprise. The information had just come in two hours ago and she needed some time to get her head around all the data that was shared on the star system they were heading into. "I have not been able to successfully formulate a solution to the presented situation."

Doyle had been listening and pondering the situation at hand himself. His attention had been drawn to the woman Day, as he smiled slightly with a slight nod of his head. She was correct in the fact that they hadn't had the time to work together and form any idea's. "She's right, and while I have ideas. I haven't been able to test them to see if they would even be a possibility." Doyle spoke up with that slight roughness to his voice.

"What are your ideas, Lieutenant?" Jael understood she was going to have to push these officers who were not used to the idea of being a leader and taking charge of situations. Most of them were happy to slide by and not have to say a word but that was only going to keep their reputation as a clean-up crew instead of a front-line crew. "I am very interested to hear your initial perspective on this situation."

"If we can set up random, boxes... for lack of a better term. Around the important structures and heavily populated area's. Those boxes being set that when activated they form a barrier... a dome... over those places to protect them." He tapped a few things onto his PaDD to bring up the general idea that he was trying to explain. It showed something similar to the old show 'Under the Dome'.

"How many of these 'boxes' are you estimating would cover the colony, Lieutenant?" Jael was quick to jump in with her questions. "The colony covers a very large area and it houses around 3,000 colonists. And, more importantly, will they be affected by the solar storm due to the estimated high levels of electromagnetic energy?"

"I'm thinking at least a 24 point circle. As for your other questions. Those are things that Ensign Day and I will need to work on testing." He gaze rested upon the XO as they discussed this. "You asked if we had any idea's, that's all this was at the moment Ma'am, an idea."

Jael's lips twitched up. His knees were buckling slightly at her modest questions. "It is a very good jumping off point, Lieutenant," she began. "It is obvious I will have questions that I would like the answer to sooner rather than later. Time is very limited and I would like a solid plan in place when we land on the colony. I will periodically check in on you and Ensign Smith's progress while we travel. Also, have a backup plan in case the domes are affected by the solar storm."

While he wasn't sure what Jael's change in facial features was about, Doyle tensed slightly and started understanding why so many seemed to have an issue with her. There was something untrustworthy about her, after all she had asked for idea's originally, not set in stone tried and tested plans... and yet when he called her out on that she wanted to get defensive? A glance over at Day and he gave her a smile, he was sure that they could figure this mess out. Turning back to the XO with a nod. "Of course Ma'am, we will keep you updated on our plans."

"It'll be difficult to be absolutely sure what kind of effects we'll be dealing with. Which makes it had to predict how to protect the boxes." Day looked at the Engineer and then back at the XO. "Also we have to wonder how long we have to shield them for. Even though the initial wave might only last a few seconds or minutes at most the after effects might last for days or weeks." She pointed at the PADDs, "It's a wonder they built this colony knowing all this."

“While there is much room for analysis, Ensign, we are not here to judge the Federation’s decision on accepting the Malorus Belt as a suitable locale for a colony.” Jael agreed with Day’s statement; she had to bite her own tongue when Alexia informed her of their mission. She began typing on the console to pull up the forecast for the solar storm they would be facing. “Here is the data for the approaching storm along with the original analysis that I had to fight the Admiral to be able to access.” Admiral Vernon had been rather hesitant to reveal the extent of the discrepancy between the original and updated readings. It was apparent that he was keen on trying to protect himself and the other brass from any potential blame for easily preventable damage done to the colony.

“I wanted you and the Lieutenant to be able to look at the discrepancies and see if there is any potential for the storm to be even worse than the most recent readings. That way we will be as prepared as possible when we arrive.” She looked between the three Department Heads. She had put forth a cold and distant front with them, causing a rift and an uneasiness when they saw her. “If we want to be seen by Starfleet as more than just a clean-up crew assigned to these rather unfortunate missions, we need to show them that we are up for any challenge they throw at us. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to approach me. The data on the storm is available on your computers.”

Day stepped forward and looked at the data now displayed on the console. Immediately engrossed by the different numbers she started typing in corrections on her own PADD. These were certainly different from the numbers provided to them earlier. She wondered why there was a tendency for people to lie about and withhold information that could be very useful in the prevention of loss of life, "Thank you for providing us with this additional data, it will prove very useful in our efforts."

Doyle was looking at his PaDD the minute that Jael had said the readings had been transferred to them. A slight clinch of his teeth as he scanned through it, with a sinking feeling he wasn't going to like what he was seeing. He also had a feeling his plan wasn't going to work, the likely hood that they would hold up to the storms that he was seeing as a possibility. Then again... as someone once told him, he needed to have some faith. A slight snort and shake of his head with that thought. Even she would be thinking positive... positive they were screwed. "We will do what we can Ma'am."

Jael gave them both a reassuring nod, then turned her attention to Dr. Hall who had been waiting patiently for his orders. "Dr. Hall, I believe it is safe to assume why you and your crew will be joining us. In case of any mishaps, I would like for you and your team to be ready."

"Indeed." Dr. Hall only said. He was a man of few words... and many thoughts. So many, one would need a Betazoid to extract them all. He looked at Jael and imagined the many ways she could meet her end.

Jael raised her eyebrow slightly but unnoticeably. She believed this opportunity for the rather puzzling doctor would help him redeem from his long streak of bad luck. Her eyes then moved to each officer. "I will come back and check on your progress in a few hours. I will repeat this: If you have any questions or concerns I will be ready and available to you, no matter what time it is." She then went back to Doyle and gave him a small smirk. "If you feel the need, Lieutenant, to punch a colonist, you may pull me aside and use me as a punching bag."

"Sure thing." Doyle replied in a flat tone, not bothering to look at Jael. His focas was on the PaDD nefore him and task at hand. To him that seemed a bit more important then indulging the xo in the childish mindgames she seemed to like to play with people.

Jael's smirk dropped slightly at the Lieutenant's inability to even feign politeness. There was no use admonishing him as there were far more important things for her to focus on at the moment. It would be no use anyway; his personal shields were up and he would not be receptive to any form of constructive criticism. It would only cause him to lash out and, possibly, lose his position as a member of the crew let alone the Engineering Chief. Instead, she shut off the computers and brushed off the weak blow. "I will be checking on your progress periodically and will let you know when we are approaching the perimeter of the colony. Dismissed."


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