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Posted on Sat Dec 15th, 2018 @ 12:10pm by Commander Alexia Hunter-Nolan & Lieutenant T'Shan

Mission: Colony Support
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Morning after 'The City and the Pillar'

At 0759, T'Shan pressed the buzzer to the Captain's ready room, having been there since 0730, taking over early from Ensign Hlorg, who looked like he could use the rest. She hadn't yet slept, but her work was finished. Now she just needed the Captain's approval.

Alexia had been on duty since 0700, and was going through the readiness reports for each of the departments, that had already gone via Jael. She'd added her own comments to her subordinate's reports with her views. It was vital that the ship be made ready in all respects for space, but as usual, there were delays.

At the sound of the chime, she looked at her chronometer, remembering that she'd instructed her Chief of Security to report back at 0800. Well, she was prompt, Alexia had to give her credit for that. At least, she assumed it was the CSec. Made sense.

"Come." She said.

T'Shan entered and placed her pad on the Captain's desk. "Reporting as ordered sir, you'll find my proposal for departmental restructures for both security and tactical. Security I believe would be more efficient divided into four specialised sub-departments, while Tactical would benefit from division into two." She explained.

Alexia picked up the PADD and looked at it. It was certainly an indepth report, there were a lot of analysis, diagrams, graphs, and write-ups. It would take her a good long while to get her head around it. She'd likely need Jael to read it just to translate it! Deciding to take advantage of the young Lieutenant having come to deliver it personally, it was also a good way to test how she stood under inqusition.

"Explain to me, here and now, what you have in mind." Alexia said, placing the PADD down in front of her.

"The duties of the security department fall into fall essential areas. Investigations, First Response, Armory and Containment. Investigations speaks for itself, First Response incorporates an interdisciplinary team on duty at all times to handle any non-Engineering emergency that may arise during operations. Armory team are responsible for the management of weapons and equipment, as well as training of crew in essential skills and clearances. Containment are responsible for the brig, all matters of quarantine and customs, as well as the control of internal forcefields." T'Shan explained concisely.

"Tactical, as I see it, falls into two basic divisions. Gunnery teams responsible for armaments and engagements, as well as Tactical Support, teams dedicated to providing any and all information or support to away teams. Both departments will still maintain staff that fall into the wider department rather than a specific branch. All proposed structures are amenable to modification as per any feedback, Captain." T'Shan continued.

Alexia looked at the proposed breakdown and nodded. "Wouldn't it make sense to have the Tactical staff maintain the Armoury side of things, and then you can release additional personnel for the other three areas?" She proposed. Security had never been her field of expertise, so she was wading out into deep waters, but she'd taken the command departmental orientation course, so had dabbled in all areas of ship and station operations briefly.

"Only for the sake of symmetry, Captain. Security and Tactical staff share many of the same skillsets, but focus on small arms and equipment is a security specialty. Many smaller ships combine the departments with minimal issues, but we have no shortage of staff in either department, Captain. Tactical is one of those departments that's becoming less and less relevant as time goes on. Much as Communications did on most ships after the universal translator became commonplace and more reliable than not." T'Shan explained.

"I would argue that Tactical still has its role to play, but on most ships of the line these days, it is a dual role of Security/Tactical officer, rather than a stand-alone role. It's only on the extremely large ships that there's a separation, like the Galaxy." Alexia replied, evenly. "But I would counter that the armoury should be maintained by armoury officers, who are often as not tactical trained, as apposed to security trained. The maintenance of small-arms is, after all, a tactical function. Security's job is that of a passive law enforcement role, than that of a military one."

"As you say, Captain. The alterations are easily accommodated. If I may inquire, why did you elect not to have a Marine Contingent stationed aboard? I understand many of the fleet's commanders enjoy the extra security, even if they are only on standard scientific duties." T'Shan asked as she made a mental note of the Captain's preference for a revised model.

"The answer is fairly simple - this is a ship for second chance personnel. We were simply not considered important enough to require a marine contingent." Alexia replied. "We're very unlikely to be engaged in combat operations that require a dedicated military presence."

"I understand. Though I can think of more than a few marines in need of such a chance. Particularly after that Andorian Colonel went rogue in the Gamma Quadrant. But in another sense I am grateful. I feel the presence of such a contingent undermines the Security and Tactical departments." T'Shan explained, not wanting to appear eager to leave, though her antennae fidgeted slightly as she stood there.

"Well, at least for the time being, there won't be a marine presence on this vessel." Alexia explained. "I'm quite content with my Starfleet Security department, although they do need to up their game, since they let the ship be taken over not all that long ago. I'm quite sure that professional pride alone should encourage them to improve."

"No such occurrence will take place under my watch, Captain." T'Shan said solemnly.

"Excellent." Alexia replied. "Well, carry on. I look forward to the results of your drills."

"Thank you for your time, Captain." T'Shan said, standing at attention, her antennae taut and tall.

"Dismissed." Alexia said, and let the Andorian woman leave.


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