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The Last Maiden (Backlog)

Posted on Fri Dec 7th, 2018 @ 1:15pm by Commander Alexia Hunter-Nolan & Ensign Sara Dawson
Edited on on Sun Dec 9th, 2018 @ 9:43pm

Mission: Colony Support
Location: New Zealand, Earth

She prepared a spear in the current of a nearby river, close to the penal colony and she threw it. Pulling out a fish, Sara returned to her camp. The arrangement she had with warden was simple. She did not leave the island, she wore some tracker bracelet, and she could have all the solitude she wanted, and away from the other prisoners. Sara preferred the wildlife anyway to the other prisoners as they irritated her. But the wildlife here... they did not lie.

But still, this was not Dorvan VI.

She may as well have been the last of her kind, and she was being released soon. There was nothing for her here, nothing for her anywhere, even if she did go back to Starfleet. Her career would be tainted. The double-talkers and liars at Starfleet HQ would make her career short. She was even given a new assignment. She didn't care, and left the PADD in the warden's office.

"What do you want?" She asked the personage that just walked up.

"Well, I see your disposition has changed not in the slightest by being incarserated here." Came the voice from behind her. "Well, I suppose being in a penal facility does tend to make someone either incredibly aggressive or incredibly reserved. Somehow, you've manged to do both, by being a self-imposed loner who bites people's heads off. One might even go so far as to say you've gone feral, Miss Dawson."

"I see lots of feral people here, Commander. People who convince themselves they are civilized, to the point that they need peace treaties to have peace. But that's aside the point."

Standing in her Starfleet uniform, Alexia stood impassive as the smaller woman raised to meet her. Considering her service jacket and psychological profile, it wasn't a huge shock to see her act the way she did. In fairness, given the absolute kicking this poor woman had received, metaphorically speaking, it was amazing she was still able to speak with any degree of respect at all. It was not a remote surprise she held disdain for Starfleet and others - since she'd been set up for a fall.

"I'm not the one who wronged you, Miss Dawson, but I am the one who is here to help you get back on your feet again. I didn't put you here, and at the end of the day, you put yourself here when you allowed your anger to control your actions. I'm here to neither condemn or critise. You did what you did, under severe deliberate provocation, and you've done your time for it. I'm here to see you get the second chance you deserve to be the Starfleet Officer you were before this event. I don't believe in allowing singular events to define your life and service - and my ship is home to hundreds like you."

"When the warden told me you rejected my offer, I had to come down and see you for myself, to give a face to it." She finished.

"And what would I do in Starfleet? Commander Hunter-Nolan?" She mentioned. "I am pleased you came to me though. It shows you're serious about this. I am serious too, so I wanted your direct answers. But you must understand my skepticism. Do you really believe a second chance ship would produce anything worthwhile? A fish dose not belong in the desert. Maybe your crew have simply not accepted that some things are not to be."

"That's an understandable skeptical view point, considering what you've been through." Alexia replied, evenly. "But the way I see it is that it's not a ship for people who haven't accepted their fate, but rather a ship for those who still have more to give, despite the stigma associated with former actions. Everyone deserves a fair shake, and I believe you fall into that category. You were provoked into an action that had you not been so provoked, you probably would right now be enjoying a very healthy career in the fleet, as a Lieutenant or even a Lieutenant Commander by now. All I can offer you is a chance to reclaim what you lost. But you have to want it. I think you could be a considerable asset to both myself, and my crew. I personally believe you have more left to offer the Federation. But - if you feel that wallowing in your own self-pity at the treatment of your father, and your own treatment therein, I won't stop you."

"Spoken like a good leader, but are you Commander?" She mentioned. "It's easy to say such words, but hard to back them up. But you do deserve the opportunity to back up such words. Suppose I complete a tour of duty with you?"

"That's entirely up to you." Alexia replied. "I'm not going to tie you to a console and make you work. If you decide that Centaurus isn't for you, you are free to transfer off. Although I have no idea where you could go after. But you always have the choice."

She nodded slowly and then spoke to herself. 'Excellent, this post may be just what I need to settle matters with Gull Corvac. Last we meet, I promised him he would die..... I keep my promises.'

"Very well." She said simply. "I promise I will be an excellent officer for you. And a promise..... is a promise."

"Very good." Alexia smiled back warmly. "I look forward to having you aboard, Ensign Dawson. Please report yourself aboard the ship to the first officer on Monday morning."

Her eyes darkened a moment later, and the smile dropped, her face become stoic. "I should also advise you to leave any... personal agendas here on the penal colony. Neither myself or Commander Steiger will countenance any... 'indiscretions' in regards to your conduct. I'm well aware of your history with the Cardassians, and our duty may take us to interact with them. I'll make this simple for you, Ensign. If you attempt to take some kind of revenge whilst on my ship, you won't be coming back to a penal colony - I'll put you up against a wall and shoot you. Am I clear?"

"It seems we are both women of honour. Very well, I will not take any form of revenge while on your ship. And I don't care about any Cardassian Interactions. The Federation can marry them, and I simply won't care. I'll just follow my orders in that reguard. But it will not be I who casts final judgement on the Cardassian Union. It will be our children when they feel the savage oppression of a rebuilt cardassian military. The Federation should not have been so merciful the last time we had a fleet above Cardassia Prime." She noted. "The Federation's leaders are liars, hypocrites, and fools, and one day; everyone will know it." She began to pack. "i'll be onboard tomorrow, Commander."

Alexia realised, not for the first time, that this woman was going to be a massive handful. If she wasn't so competent in the field of Operations, it might not have been worth the hassle. However, there were few people on her approved list from the Admiral who had such qualifications in Computer Operations and other vital fields. She'd give Jael fair warning about her, since it always seemed to fall on her Swiss XO to sort out the train-wrecks that were the senior staff. "Report aboard at 0900, Ensign. You'll need to report yourself to the First Officer. Do not be late, she hates it."

She simply nodded.


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