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24 hours - Back for more

Posted on Thu Nov 29th, 2018 @ 8:47pm by Ensign Breana Rathburn

Mission: Spoilt Settlers

Reaching the ship Bree gave one last hug to Zoey as she sighed softly. "Just a little longer and then we can hang out some." She said as she shifted her duffel on her shoulder a little stepping back with a slight smile to her friend.

"I'll be banging on your door with some drinks, you better have dinner ready." Zoey replied with a grin. "For now, get going before you get in more trouble." Grabbing her own bags, she looked at the Padd and the map on it that had the map to her quarters.

Making her way to her quarters she stepped in and set her stuff down, kneeling to pick up the mewing bundle of fluff that was clearly not pleased she'd been alone for the last 24 hours. "Yes, yes.... I got you new things. Well, your aunty Zoey got you new things." Bree said to Snow as she glanced to the purple duffel bag that Zoey had loaded up with goodies for her. Of course she hadn't actually looked in the bag yet, Zoey had told her she'd picked up the things on her list... and then some stuff.

Setting Snow back down she got up and started unpacking with a little shake of her head. "How the heck.... I left with nothing and came home with three bags of stuff." Bree said with a soft chuckle. Grabbing the cooler bag she started putting the food she knew he folks had loaded her up with with a sigh. Her mom had made it clear how worried she'd because of the weight she'd lost.

BBQed pulled pork, and couple pieces of grilled chicken... she she'd toss into a salad later. Some cookies and a bunch of other snacking food. She couldn't help the slight roll of her eyes, clearly her mom was wanting to pack some weight on her fast. Getting that bag emptied out, she tossed it on the couch before moving to pick up the next one.

Clothes, thanks mom... she thought as she looked at the clothing, at least they where comfy type clothes. Tossing them on the couch she pulled out a couple new Padds marked Holodeck, a gift from Dustin she was sure. A new gaming system and some games... no wonder the bag was so heavy she thought and smiled thinking of Derrick. Clearly they all had a part in putting this bag together as she pulled out the last gift. A soft snugly blanket that had a picture of her and her two horses on it, something her dad knew she could use for comfort.

A glance to the purple bag half afraid to open it, after all she knew her besty well. Grabbing the bag she set it on the couch with her blanket. Picking up her clothes and the other two bags she put them away. For now, everything else was put away also as she wasn't ready to deal with them. The light throbbing of her head gave hint that she still wasn't over the hangover she'd given herself. It had been worth it though she thought with a smile.

Snagging a mug of hot cocoa from the replicator. "Computer, turn on the movie Die-hard." As die-hard came onto the screen she moved to sit down on the couch, pulling the blanket up over her, she smiled as Snowball hopped up to snuggle.

Only then, as she relaxed and peek into the bag and shifted though some of the items with a shake of her head. Yes, her best friend had made sure she was set for a bit in the relaxation area. Incense, candy, a few tiny bottles of liquor, and a couple other things. Clearly, she needed to find a hiding spot for some of her gifts. Taking out the candy, she zipped up the bag and set it to the side to settle in and relax with her movie.


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