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The City and the Pillar

Posted on Wed Dec 5th, 2018 @ 4:29pm by Lieutenant T'Shan & Commander Alexia Hunter-Nolan

Mission: Spoilt Settlers
Location: Captain's Ready Room


Coming back to work after such an enjoyable holiday was always a drag. It was also incredibly difficult to get your mind back into it properly. Fortunately, being in spacedock, there wasn't a huge amount that needed to be done aboard ship. However, there were a series of personnel changes that had taken place, especially given the toll their recent take-over incident had inflicted. Alexia had been forced to find a new Gamma Shift leader, to replace the late Lieutenant Valren. There was also the need to replace the Chief of Security, who had failed so spectacularly during the take-down situation, having been caught on the toilet. That was certainly not something that he'd been able to live down, and had elected to leave the service.

Alexia had seen that her new Chief of Security had come aboard and was somewhat settled whilst she'd been off the ship. Given that Alexia had to put her life and the lives of her crew into this one person, it only made sense that she actually meet the woman she'd selected purely by her personnel bio. Yes, this T'Shan person had a troubled past - who didn't on this tub - but you could never judge someone purely by their service record. Getting to know the Lieutenant would be of paramount importance. "Hunter-Nolan to T'Shan, please report to my readyroom."

"I'll be there in two and a half minutes, sir." T'Shan said, standing up from seat in her office immediately, finishing her work as she moved before passing it to one of the crewmen on the way out. Two minutes and twenty-eight seconds later, she in front of the Captain. "Ensign - Apologies, Captain. Lieutenant T'Shan, reporting for duty." Her antennae jerking up and curling back as she realized her mistake.

Alexia raised an eyebrow at the new arrival, wondering how she could forget a rank she'd held for quite some time prior to joining the ship. She was clearly nervous for some reason, perhaps a little jittery. Alexia had read Jael's report on their new CSec, which made for interesting reading to be sure. Her XO had stated that she was likely going to be a real project officer, and require a fair amount of work. That was all Jael's ballpark, Alexia had her own concerns that were somewhat larger in scope than this blue woman's substance issues.

She was quite young looking, and for an Andorian/Vulcan hybrid, she would likely be quite long-lived if she had a healthy normal life. T'Shan was also quite pretty looking, in an objective way, somewhat muted by her stern and rigid demeanour which spoke of a strict military bearing. Well, there was no harm in having her Chief of Security be a strict military type, considering the last one let the ship be taken over.

"At ease, Ensign Lieutenant T'Shan." Alexia smirked, and gestured to a chair in front of her desk. "Have a seat. Would you care to share some tea with me?"

"Thank you, sir, that would be most agreeable." T'Shan said, knowing what a game of russian roulette her tastebuds made any new culinary experience. She took a seat and folded her hands in her lap, her antennae arching forward inquisitively.

Alexia poured out two cups of tea from the teapot that her father-in-law had gifted her for their wedding. It was an exquisite porcelain set, with gold rimmed white cups with the Starfleet crest on the cup and on the saucer, as well as on the teapot itself. She poured out the Chamomile tea, and placed one cup in front of T'Shan and one in front of herself. Alexia then brought over the matching small cream jug and sugar bowl, placing them on the desk between them. "Lieutenant, whilst it is indeed customary to refer to me as 'sir', I'm not very fond of it. Captain, Commander or ma'am is perfectly acceptable." Alexia said, taking her seat at the desk, as she added cream and sugar to her tea, then stirred the cup with a small tea-spoon.

"Apologies, Captain. It is a quirk of our system that there is rarely a decorous moment to ask before being corrected in such procedures. Thank you." She took the tea and had a sip. It wasn't bad at all. She may even have liked it with some sugar, and she added three spoonfuls. With sugar it was much more agreeable, and her antennae perked up momentarily. "This reminds me of the ulari nectar we let ferment in fruited vines growing over hot springs on Andor. Only without the alcoholic effects." T'Shan observed.

"I'm glad you like it." Alexia smiled. "It's my wife's preferred blend of tea, so naturally, I've taken to drinking it so as to enjoy it as much as she does." She explained, and placed the cup down. "So, I thought I'd take the time to get to know you. I'm aware you've had a long conversation with Commander Steiger about your transfer here, as well as your previous positions, and why you ended up here. I'm not going to rehash all that, as that's my XO's area. My desire to meet with you is more a ship concern."

"You should be aware by now that we recently went through a serious breach in ships security, which cost the lives of several members of the crew, and we nearly lost the ship." Alexia said, her voice deadly serious. "I need to know that the person I have entrusted the safety and protection of my ship, my crew and my family - understands how important that function really is."

"This is a city." T'Shan said simply, echoing something she'd heard from Ensign Day earlier that had stuck with her. "Regardless of the ideological considerations, there are functions that must be observed to keep any city safe from attack. Her borders must be protected soundly. All within must be accounted for. The law must be upheld, and weapons must be maintained and understood with mastery in case of outside attack. I am responsible for the safety of this city, which includes not only the men and women of Starfleet, but also their families. Every man woman and child aboard is as much my charge as yours Captain, including you yourself. I swear on my honour as a Vulcan, and the names of my ancestor-clans that there is no purpose more central to my being than the protection of this city and it's people. All other considerations are secondary." T'Shan said with cold determination, slightly undone by the dainty sip of tea that caused her antennae to perk up excitedly as she finished speaking.

Well, she was certainly making all the right noises, but talk was incredibly cheap. Actions spoke louder than words ever could. She did not want to be in another situation akin to that just gone by. Alexia had no reason to doubt the veracity or passion that T'Shan exhibited, or reason to doubt the words she spoke. The simple truth was, she couldn't take it on face value - not again.

"I have no doubt you truly believe that." Alexia said. "I would like to see from you a detailed proposal for the reorganisation of the security department aboard this ship. I want that report on my desk by 0800 tomorrow. I will then review it and then let you put it into practice. At which point, we will run several security drills where Commander Steiger will be timing and analysing your performances. These scenarios will be both standard and non-standard tests, where I expect you and your team to react to any and all danger. Your results will determine what kind of a future you have here aboard Centaurus."

"Aye, Captain." T'Shan said confidently. "I have several concepts for the reorganization and deployment of the security and tactical departments. They will be on your desk in the morning."

"Excellent." Alexia said, then took a sip of her tea. "Do you have any issues or concerns you want to raise with me?"

"None I am aware of, Captain." T'Shan responded with cold professionalism.

"Very well then." Alexia smiled. "Dismissed."

"Captain." T'Shan said with a nod, departing the office.


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