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A good day for Introductions

Posted on Sat Dec 15th, 2018 @ 1:45pm by Ensign Day Smith & Abigail "Abi" Hunter-Nolan PhD, MSc, BSc

Mission: Colony Support
Location: Astrophysics, Deck 13, USS Centaurus
Timeline: After the Captain's honeymoon


A few days after returning from their honeymoon, Abi was back at work. As a civilian scientist, she didn't have a uniform to wear, so wore appropriate civilian attire for her occupation. So, wearing a white blouse, a black pencil skirt, black tights and black shoes with a very slight heel to them, Abi walked down the corridor towards the Head of the Science Department's office. Given that Abi had been on the ship since even before she was launched, she'd never once met any of her naval counter-parts, with the odd exception of walking past one in the corridor on occasion. Beyond that, she'd pretty much kept herself to herself, doing her research alone in her lab.

However, Alexia had strongly suggested that she speak to Ensign Smith, who was the Chief of Science aboard ship. Abi had openly questioned her wife on why an Ensign was the Head of Science for a Galaxy class starship, which had a substantial science department. Surely there were far more qualified people to do the role, or at the very least, someone who had more pips than one. However, Alexia had said not to judge Day too harshly on her fairly junior rank, which was a complicated situation, but rather judge her as a scientist.

Abi had decided to do a little homework on her new 'boss', and had learned that she was actually a gifted Stellar Astronomer in her own right, and was personally heading up the work in Stellar Cartography. The recent insurrection aboard ship hadn't really affected her all that much, since no one had thought the lab worth the time to take. In fairness, that had happened to Abi as well, but she had been personally affected by the state Alexia had been in after the event. Despite not showing it, the attempted rape had truly rattled her, but Alexia being who she was, had forced herself to compartmentalise it for the sake of everyone. No one but Abi, Alexia and Jael knew what'd happened in that room. Abi had long ago resigned herself to the fact that Jael was Alexia's 'work-wife', and had to share. The thought alone made her chuckle.

Arriving outside the door, Abi straightened up her outfit and tapped the chime.

There had been moments during this assignment that had been difficult for Day, today was not such a day. Everything seemed to be going swimmingly and fell into place. She had even ventured outside her office and given positive feedback to one of her officers earlier that morning. Right now she was burying herself in a new paper on the Bajoran Wormhole published just a week ago, she was slightly behind on her scientific papers.

She barely heard the interruption from the chime, if not for the fact that the classical music she was playing automatically muted itself she might not have noticed at all. "Computer, pause music." She pushed the PADD in her hand aside and leaned back in her chair, thought about it, then sat up straight and folded her hands in front of her. Crossed her legs and placed her hands on top of her knees. Content with her posture she called out, "Enter."

Abi entered the room and saw the Head of the Science Department sat in an easy-chair over to one side of her office. It was evident that she had been in the middle of something when Abi had paid a visit, and looked awkward sat in her chair, like a school kid caught doing something naughty. Alexia had warned her that she wasn't the best socially integrated person in the universe, but that she was incredibly smart, and very talented. If perhaps somewhat plain spoken and awkward. That was fine, the field of science attracted the eccentric, and it wasn't as if Abi were 'normal' herself. After all, who but a total nutter would marry Alexia, she teased herself.

"Good Morning." Abi said brightly, as the doors closed. "I thought I'd come and finally introduce myself to you, since I've been working in your department for the last few months without saying a word. I'm Doctor Abigail Hunter-Nolan, your Xeno-Biologist." She offered her hand out.

Day got up from the chair and stepped around the desk, she put an awkward smile on her face and shook the hand of Abi. "Good morning, my name is Day. Is there anything I can help you with?" The monotone voice made it sound a little bit too rehearsed. She quickly pulled back from the shake, it was always uncomfortable to her that they had to shake their right hands, but she had come to terms with it. At least that's what she kept telling herself.

"Nothing specific no," Abi replied, sensing the reticence from Day. Well, Alexia had warned her she found social interaction difficult. "Commander Hunter-Nolan suggested I take the time to introduce myself to you, and get to know you, since I technically work under you, even as a civilian researcher. All my reports have to go to you, and my requisition requests too. So I thought it'd help to put a face to a name." She beamed at the younger woman.

Day nodded at that, "I have not seen any requisitions that required me to put question marks with your research. I am not well versed in xeno-biology though." She motioned for the other woman to sit down in the seat across from her as she herself returned to her own seat. "What drew you to that particular field of science?"

Abi smoothed out her skirt as she sat down. "I've always had a thing for small creatures since I was a little girl. Found them adorably cute, as you'd expect of a girl that age. But I never really grew out of it, but more evolved the interest from merely looking at them as cute creatures, to being fascinated with how they do what they do, and how they function in their environment with other lifeforms. So my interest became my field of study when I wanted to find out how life-forms on other alien environments function."

Day nodded along, even though she didn't have the experience of liking small creatures as a little girl. She wondered if that was something she needed to explore further still. "What was the first small creature that had taken your interest?"

"If I'm honest, it was a rabbit from Earth." She smiled fondly. "I still love them even now. They have such cute little noses and big floppy ears..." She drifted off a little at the thought.

Taking a mental note of that Day wondered what the protocol was on getting pets on this ship, "What niche do they fill in the natural order?" She knew that most animals kept as pets had outgrown their original evolutionary patterns to a point where some of them were basically just fluffy accessoiries to humanoids, but they had to have come from somewhere and she also knew that evolution didn't squander resources.

"Originally, they filled a role in the food circle. They ate local fauna that if left unchecked, would run rampant through the eco-system, killing off or smothering other botanical life. They also provide prey for mid-sized predators as well, thereby keeping their population in check." Abi explained, as if to a student. "They filled a very niche` middle role in the environment, prior to human intervention anyway, whereby they made great cute pets, so were removed from their environments, causing a disruption to the local eco-systems."

Again nodding along with what the woman was explaining Day wondered what other animals humans, and other sentient species, had interfered with to a point where they were destabilising entire eco-systems. That thought took a quick turn to the dark when she realised that this was exactly what the Borg did to entire sentient species. She shuddered for a moment before returning to the topic at hand, "Do you currently have any pets? Not counting the ones you keep for research purposes." Perhaps this was a good way to gauge if she could take on a pet in her private quarters, this was the Commander's spouse after all.

"Well, Alexia has a parrot, who thinks she's a human." Abi chuckled. "Alexia got me a rabbit for our wedding, so I have Thumper back in our quarters. When I left, he was quite happy munching on some lettuce." She grinned. In actuality, she'd been so happy at the present, she'd treated Alexia to a present of her own, by dressing up as a bunny-girl. She loved dressing up as animal-girls, so it pleased her too. Alexia had also been somewhat happy as well, given how... well... it had been fun, that was for sure. Day didn't need to know that!

"How can you tell what a parrot thinks?" Last time Day checked a parrot was a bird of paradise and they didn't actually speak, they mimiced sounds they heard. There was no conscious thought involved.

"Oh trust me, this one is very intelligent." Abi smirked. "Parrots mate for life, and in the absence of another bird, they mate with their human owner. Normally, they're extremely protective of their human when they percieve someone as a threat. However, she seems to have taken to me, despite me technically stealing her mate from her. Although, I'd hate to think what'd happen if Alexia had to choose between me and the bird."

"Surely that would not be a difficult decision." Day didn't have many long lasting relationships with other people but could imagine that if one chose to marry someone, which was supposedly a life long commitment, the choice between that person and an exotic bird would not be hard. "How about flora, do you have any interest in that part of the ecosystem?"

It became obvious to Abi that Day was not well versed in silent humour, since it was obvious that Alexia wouldn't actually put the parrot over her wife. At least, she hoped not! Deciding to answer Days question, rather than push a social agenda, she smiled at her as she answered. "I understand the role that flora plays in the food cycle, and its importance, but as an area of scientific interest and study - not so much. I can appreciate the aesthetics of flora, but I'm not really interested in studying it. Botany was never really a passion of mine."

Day nodded, "That is good to know." She made a mental note not to assign any botany projects to the scientist in front of her. "I appreciate you taking the time to introduce yourself. Is there anything you wish to know from my end?"

Abi pondered this for a moment. "No, I think I got what I came for." She said, smiling. "It was very nice to meet you, Ensign."

"Since you are not a Starfleet Officer I don't expect you to address my by rank, Doctor." Day gave an awkward smile, awkward in the fact that it seemed very much rehearsed, "Feel free to call me Day." She got up from the seat and extended her hand. "A pleasure to meet you too."

Abi rose from her seat and accepted the offered hand. "I look forward to working with you, Day." She said, beaming at the younger woman.


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