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24 hours - Lies be told

Posted on Thu Nov 29th, 2018 @ 8:45pm by Ensign Breana Rathburn

Mission: Spoilt Settlers
Location: Texas, USA, Earth

"Set me down." Bree laughed as she found herself in a big bear hug within her brothers arms. "Come on, I'm starving." She said as her feet touched the ground once more and she climbed into the truck and started shooting questions at Derrick. How is Kip? I know I can't ride her, she's to far along now.... but I can spoil her and I'm sure Shiok is about ready for a good ride anyways.

Derrick smirked and shook his head as he filled her in on everything that had been going on around the ranch. "You know, you can always come home." He said after a bit of talk between them, a side glance and series look was given to her. "Mom and dad are worried about you. They feel like you have become more distant, and I feel it also. I don't know why you keep putting yourself though everything you have been."

"I don't want to talk about it, I just want to enjoy my shore leave, as short as it is this time." Bree replied before turning to look out the window as she watched the ranch coming into view.

"Derrick usually gets at least a week shore leave when he's around, why so short for you?" Her brother asked with a hint of concern in his voice.

"I'm an Engineer, the ship still has a lot of work that needs to be fixed." She lied with a little shrug. "Technically I shouldn't have gotten any time off with everything that needed to be done. But well..."

"Alright, if you say so." While he didn't exactly believe his younger sister, he knew when to drop the discussion. Pulling into his parking spot, Derrick looked over at Bree "have fun this next 23 hours... and take time to remember what you have in your life."

Nodding, she leaned over and gave him another hug before climbing out of the truck. "Breana, you have time to check on Kip before dinner." Came the bellowing of her father. "But you better give your mom a hug first." He added with a chuckle.

She couldn't help but to chuckle herself hearing her dad as she sprinted over to him. Grabbing a hug from him and then her mom she smiled. "See, I'm fine... and starving."

"I have the grill started, Zoey will be here shortly and then we can eat." He mom said as she gave her another hug before heading back into the kitchen. "I made your favorite cookies to take with you tonight and there is a basket of treats by the door for the horses." Susan called back to Bree.

"Sounds good and thanks mom." Bree called before she turned and took off in a job out to the barn. The whinny of the horses seemed to get even louder as she got closer and stepped into the barn. "Evening Kip." She said as she opened the stall door and stepped inside.

Treats, a good grooming and some time listening and rubbing on the rounded belly of her mare brought her to relax and smile contentedly. Perhaps she should just give up on Starfleet. Make a life for herself back on earth. She could start her own horse ranch. Breeding and selling horses, do some showing of them. She could make a life hear and not have to deal with egotistical know it all women.

"Breezy!!!" Came the loud high pitched squeal as the other dark haired woman seemed to nearly fling herself off her horse and raced over to the stall Bree was in. "About time you get here, and dinner is almost ready... your dad has the steaks on the grill now."

Bree laughed, clearly Zoey had detoured by the house on her way to the barn. "Loosen Samson's saddle and put him in the paddock for now. Hurry, I'm starving for a good home cooked dinner."

Slipping out of the stall, she made her way over to Zoey and gave her a big hug. "I can't wait till tonight... it's been way to long since I've gotten drunk under the light of the full moon." Zoey hugged her back and grabbed her hand to start pulling her back to the house.

Grabbing a plate, she paused by the grill and smiled as her dad plopped a nice juicy medium rare steak on her plate. Moving to add a cob of corn and some potato salad to the plate, she grabbed a beer before heading over to settle with the rest at the picnic table.

While the talk was light and fun, Bree relaxed some and listened as she was filled in on everything that had been going on around the ranch and around town. Perhaps her next visit she'd get the chance to explore all the changes, but for now she was content to enjoy the time with everyone. Unfortunately she also made sure to avoid getting to much into what was going on in her life and the trouble she'd gotten into yet again on the ship. While it seemed to be working well enough, she caught the side glances from Derrick and Zoey and knew well enough they didn't believe her lies. With that look, Bree knew that she needed to finish up dinner and made quick work of that.

"If you don't mind, Zoey and I should head out before it gets to dark. We'll be back in time for brunch." Bree said as she got up with a slow stretch as she moved to hug her mom and dad again. "I know, stay safe." She added with a warm smile.

"I have the place set up for you two, tent, drinks and everything you need... minus that bag of cookies ma made." Derrick said as he got up and headed over with the girls to the barn to help made sure both the horses where saddled up, even though he knew the girls well enough to know they would be. Both of them were accomplished riders and could take care of themselves, yet this was more his way of reminding his little sister that he was there for her.

Rolling her eyes a little as she saddled up Shiok and led him out to meet up with Zoey and Samson. "I'll see everyone in the morning." Bree said as they headed out. Both nudging there horses into an easy trot to start the trip out.


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