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Casting Aspersions

Posted on Wed Dec 5th, 2018 @ 5:29am by Lieutenant T'Shan & Lieutenant Day Smith

Mission: Spoilt Settlers
Location: Deck 13 - Astrophysics

T'Shan had not yet had a chance to see much of the ship, having spent her time at her desk filing reports and approving staffing numbers, sensor sweeps and emergency response drills. One duty she noted had been left undone, the protocols requiring regular testing of former Borg officers to ensure any remaining implants remained dormant. There was no polite way to ask, so T'Shan had decided to go with the not polite way. She entered the lab, looking around for a woman matching the physical characteristics she had brought up on her pad, including a small three-dimensional holograph of the woman.

Having run out of interesting bits of telemetry some time ago Day had taken to making the quality assurance protocols more efficient. She would have to have a talk with QA to make sure the sensors and other measuring devices were kept in perfect working order. The doors opened up and she looked up. Most of the people had been on partial leave and she didn't really expect anyone to come in to the lab on this day. She saw the gold trim of the officer that stepped into the room with her. "Good morning, is there anything I can help you with?"

"Ensign Smith? I'm Lieutenant T'Shan. Do you have a moment?" She asked, hoping to preserve some decorum for the woman. She could not imagine the horror of assimilation, and her antennae had a slightly nervous wiggle at the thought.

Day looked around and wondered what this was going to be about, a sense of dread coming over her. "I can spare some time, yes." Her left hand subconsciously moved to cover up the implants covering her right hand, folding them in front of her body."You may call me Day, ma'am, I'm not fond of my last name."

"I understand, Ensign. My own has far too many syllables for most. Is there somewhere we can talk privately? There is a small matter of interdepartmental procedure to be discussed." She said with the necessary tact for anyone who might be listening. The last thing Starfleet wanted was to raise suspicion or paranoia over ex-Borg crewmembers.

"I think there's a quarantine room not currently in use." Day turned and headed for the room, opening up the sterile environment and stepping inside. she turned back to the woman. "T'Shan, I think I read the memo indicating that you will be joining us as the new Chief of Security."

"That is correct." T'Shan said, looking around. "In that capacity I am required to inform you that an inspection of your remaining Borg implants is required as per Starfleet Security regulations, to ensure the dormancy of any Collective systems present. This should have been done during your last physical, but it seems it was not. It will be a simple tricorder scan and some questions. Are you comfortable for me to proceed?"

Day took an extra step back to create some extra distance between herself and the security officer, "I wasn't aware that these duties landed on the Security department." Throughout her stay at the institute they had done regular check ups on the state of her implants and nanites, but this was always done by a medical officer. "Current security protocols also do not allow you to extract nanites from my bloodstream."

"If you'd prefer, I can speak with medical to have them arrange it. I assumed logically and perhaps in error that this would be simpler for all involved. I apologise if I have discomforted you, it is not my intention to make you feel in any way ill at ease. Many of Starfleet's finest officers have experienced the condition of assimilation and gone on to greatness." She said, feeling a little too much like an apology. "I know I prefer to avoid sickbay whenever possible."

Still a bit ill at ease with the procedure Day didn't really enjoy reporting in with the medical officers in sickbay either. "What is it you need exactly?" Due to the sudden stress, she had forgotten exactly what the officer had wanted to do to check her status.

"Simply to scan with the tricorder for any quantum subspace traces, and some questions about dreams or disturbed sleep. Any manifestations of dormant systemic activity are more likely to become active while the mind and body are at rest." T'Shan explained, slackening her antennae and opening her body language in an attempt to keep the woman from feeling cornered.

"The days in charge of the department are long and tiring. I've had very restful sleep cycle." Day opened her arms slightly, not know if it was necessary or helped at all but at least it showed her being open to getting scanned. She became very self-aware as the sensor rod was starting to be passed over her body.

"Do you ever experience dreams or flashbacks of your time in the collective? Even in waking hours?" T'Shan asked as she swept the scanner over her slowly. Though non-invasive, the process wasn't fast.

These were exactly the kind of questions Day was afraid of. "Not to my recollection." She felt her heart rate increase at the inspection.

"That's a good thing. It means the de-assimilation crew did their job right. There's nothing to be afraid of, its just one of those things we need to keep an eye on." T'Shan said with a note of warmth, trying to tie together as many comforting platitudes as she could think of.

There was a lot that the de-assimilation crews did. Day had never really thought about how well they had done their jobs. There had been nightmares. Quite a lot of them. In the first weeks or even months back at the institute. She wasn't a stranger to sedatives. She stood as still as she could, arms hanging slightly outside of her body frame.

"Nothing so far. All signs some to point to safe levels of background activity. If I may ask, how are you finding your assignment so far? I understand there were some issues with hostile settlers before I came aboard." T'Shan asked, hoping to go some way towards distracting from the process taking place.

"Is this a relevant question in regards to this examination, ma'am?" Day had hidden out in a corner hoping it would all pass her by. She wasn't particularly proud of it, but she also hadn't been able to put herself to any sort of action. Added to that the altercation she'd had with one of the settlers on an earlier day hadn't made it any easier. She was happy that the XO and her group of mercenaries had come around when they did and that she was usually kept to a small insignificant section of the ship anyway.

“Not to my knowledge, Ensign.” T’Shan explained with some of her warmth evaporating. “I had hoped to keep this experience from becoming tedious, but I can remain in silence if you prefer."

"I am enjoying most parts of the assignment, ma'am." Day just stood there and felt a bit guilty for misinterpreting the idle chatter for something more devious. "The being boarded part, not so much. But the people seem friendly and for the most part just leave me to my own devices." She looked down at the tricorder in the Security chief's hand.

"That is agreeable to hear. I have not served aboard a Galaxy-class vessel before. I admit I find the scale of my charge here daunting. As I imagine you must also as Chief of so many science facilities." T'Shan observed in a slightly awkward attempt to build some slight rapport.

"I've heard the Galaxy class to be refered to as a flying city. I think it's a rather apt description." Day did find the whole being in charge of all these facilities and the people in it a frightening prospect and had done most of her communications through internal messages and memos.

"I had not considered it as such." T'Shan said, replacing the scanner diode in it's housing and folding up the tricorder. She was silent for a moment, struck by the purity of the insight. "You have given me much to consider, Ensign. Thank you." T'Shan said, before returning from her brief ontological fixation to the issue at hand. "Oh, your readings are all within acceptable margins. Thank you for your co-operation." T'Shan said politely.

Day gave a single nod and headed back out of the quarantine room, "Next time I'll make sure to mention it to the physician." She wasn't really keen on repeating this experience again any time soon.

"As shall I, Ensign. Thank you once again for your co-operation." T'Shan said, departing as suddenly as she'd arrived.


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