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Laissez les bon temps rouler

Posted on Sat Dec 22nd, 2018 @ 4:17pm by Ensign Day Smith

Mission: Colony Support
Location: Junior officer quarters common room

Standing in front of the stove in the common quarters it wasn't hard to see that Day was out of her comfort zone. She had chosen the easiest recipe she could find, it just required her to cook rice and heat some meat and vegetables in a coconut based liquid. She had cut up the vegetables, something she had seen Remy do last time she helped him prepare a meal. After their initial meeting, they connected on several occasions when their duty rosters lined up and they would prepare a meal together. He would take the time to explain a couple of things to her and allowed her to do some of the steps required to successfully finish the meal.

It had been slow going now that she had started cooking alone, to surprise him, and she had almost cut herself on multiple occasions. Fortunately now all the cutting and combining had been done and she was stirring the curry paste into the big pan with meat and vegetables. She had appreciated the spiciness of the meal she shared with Remy during their first dinner and hoped she could impress her with this simple meal of her own.

The doors behind her kept opening but every time she looked it was one of the other crewmembers they shared their common room with. She smiled politely and even waved once, immediately scolding herself internally for appearing so childlike. It had only taken this moment of distraction for the pot with the rice to throw a fit and bubble up a pillar of water, which immediately overflowed and poured onto the heater under the pan. The hissing sound of water searing itself into the cooking plate underneath the pan snapped her back to reality. She pulled the pot from the heater and the water immediately stopped its aggressive bubbling.

In silence, Day cursed herself over her own incompetence as she put the pot of rice on another heater and trying to clean the overcooked water from the cooking device. There was a knot in her stomach, she really wasn't any good at this, she just knew for sure that the meal would be very disappointing. Just as that thought formed in her mind a smell of something burning entered her nostrils. She looked around but then realised it could only be one thing. The curry itself was starting to burn. This was of course why the last time Remy had asked her to keep stirring. Not as simple and inconsequential as she had assumed.

It had taken her more than two and a half hours, all in all, to get the meal ready for consumption and now she had put the lid on the pots to keep the contents warm, waiting for Remy to come back. After about half an hour she rechecked the duty roster to see if she hadn't misread it earlier when she made sure they'd be on the same shift. She saw a change in the roster and Remy's name no longer appeared. She called up the public profile on the helmsman, a bit confused as she was sure she had seen him on the duty roster. Once the information had loaded up it showed that Ensign Remington DuBare had retired from the service.

Retired. Probably heading back to Earth. Spend more time with his family. Day looked up from her personal PADD and back at the pots and pans on the heater. She wondered what to do with the food she had prepared. She remembered the meals they had shared and how he had talked about his family, their dinners at the restaurant, about letting the good times roll. How everyone was always welcome to come and get a bite to eat. It was so different from her experiences in the rehabilitation centre, where most of her meals she sat in her private quarters. She didn't like the crowd in the general assembly hall. She stepped up to the pans, got some rice out of the first one, put some curry next to it from the other pan and returned to the table in the middle. She sat down and looked at the meal. The first meal she prepared entirely on her own. She knew he would be proud of her had he been there to see it and taste it.

Perhaps someone else would come by. She promised herself that she would welcome them at the table, accept them whoever they were, and feed them. Just like Remy had done.


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