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Making a bad day... bearable

Posted on Sun Nov 25th, 2018 @ 5:36am by Ensign Breana Rathburn

Mission: Spoilt Settlers

Shit duty sucked, and she was finding that each day seemed to add to her frusterations and anger. Yet the XO thought this was the best way to get her to deal with things? A little shake of her head as she stripped out of her uniform the minute the door to her quarters had closed behind her. Heading to the bathroom for a shower to wash the day away she paused a moment. "Computer, play Godsmack -Sick of life"

Between the blaring of the music and the feel of the say washing away, Bree took some slow deep breaths and worked to calm herself. Just a couple more days and then she had her 24 hour leave. Having already contacted her folks to make the arrangements, the chance to get off this ship and away from people on it.

She was going to need the time away, and was glad that she had at least been allowed the time off. Maybe the woman figured she wouldn't come back, hell... maybe she wouldn't. After all, just what was she fighting for? Why did she even want to stay on this ship? In Starfleet? She hadn't been able to really get to know anyone on this ship, a mistake and the the First officer had seen to that. The few people in Engineering was about all she'd been able to get to know so far, and she didn't see any chances of getting to know anyone else in the near future.

Maybe that's what was making things even worse for her, she had no one. No one to talk to, no one to enjoy hanging out with, no one to vent to. So she was stuck bottling it all up. Something she knew she wasn't supposed to do, something she knew wasn't healthy for her. Yet here she was... stuck by herself... and falling deeper into her depression.

Stepping out of the shower, she wrapped the fluffy robe around her and paused as she listened to the music. The computer had moved on with her Godsmack playlist and was now playing Inside Yourself.

"I try to believe in myself, when everyone's telling me I'm worthless - And if you think I like it - Well, I'm telling you this time's different - I'm not broken - You better take a good look inside yourself"

She smiled some as she pondered those words... yeah, maybe Jael needed to look inside herself and try to figure out what is was that was causing her to hate her so much. Giving a little shake of her head as she caught Snowball peeking around the corner to her. "I'm starting to think the woman's jealous Snow. I'm not sure why, but there clearly has to be something that has her so set against me."

A soft mew was heard almost in response as the fluff ball bounded over and started rubbing against her legs. "Yeah, I know.. lets go chill out. Do some yoga, play a game... or wait, I'm supposed to be thinking about what I did and reflecting on myself. A little roll of her eyes given as she pondered this whole grounding things. Cause of course it works... right? Not.

Hell, her parents had never grounded them, they knew well enough it didn't work, all it did was given them time to think about how not to get caught the next time. Or how to lie better the next time. That's what her friends used to do when they got in trouble and grounded. Maybe that was why her and her brothers could always talk to their parents. They learned they could admit that they screwed up and knew the punishment would fit the crime and then would be done and over with. This whole thinking thing was some snowflakes way of dealing with things.

Moving to her bedroom she slipped on some yoga pants and a sports bra before grabbing the mat and heading to the living area. She scooped up snowball and placed the kitten on one of the higher limbs of her cat tree where she liked to perch. "Computer, change music to K yoga playlist... 3 and start it in 10 minutes."

As the room went silent from Godsmack, the computer responded. "K yoga playlist 3 to start in 10 minutes and counting."

10 minutes would give her time to get ready, playlist 3 was her long seasion. It would start with the basic Kundalini Yoga and work on making sure each of her ten bodies where awake and balanced, and then move into some dance yoga to help work out some of her pent up energy. Lighting some sage incense, she sighed. "Computer, add incense to list of things I need to get on earth."

"Incense added" came that responce once more.

Now, a bottle of water from the replicator was gotten before she headed over to the center of the mat and settled down on it. Shifting into Sukhasana she started letting herself focus on her breathing and heart rate, listening to it, and to the music that had started playing.

With fluid ease she let her mind go and her body to flow from one pose to the next as the music called for. Stretching and relaxing, feeling the tingling of life flow though her. Her mind lost in the sound of the music and nothing more. Each deep breath brought in the sent of sage as it worked to help calm her, to ground her, to heal her mind body and soul from the day.

Drawing herself up in frog pose, she smiled, remembering a moment how clumsy she'd been in the pose when she'd first started yoga. But now, she had no problem doing it and many of the other poses she'd struggled with. It like life, took work, practice and patience. Doing the repetitions the music counted for, she slipped on into the next pose.. and continued moving though them before she was at the 10th body, finishing it... she took the short break in the routine to take a slow deep drink of the water before rising to start the second half.

Thirty minutes of fast pace dance moves came with the next round. Keeping the pace she finally came to a standstill as the music ended. Breathless and tired now she stepped off the mat after finishing off her water. Rolling it up to be put away she smiled more relaxed now.

Another quick shower before she slipped on some shorts and a t-shirt and headed back out to the living area. Fresh water for her and Snow, she grabbed a chicken salad before moving to flop down in front of the TV to play a game to enjoy the rest of her night.


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