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Ceremonies & Debriefings

Posted on Thu Nov 22nd, 2018 @ 11:00am by Commander Alexia Hunter-Nolan & Abigail "Abi" Hunter-Nolan PhD, MSc, BSc

Mission: Spoilt Settlers
Location: Hawaii/Starbase One
Timeline: One week after "Relationship Dynamics"

Things had been an absolute whirlwind for Alexia since the Centaurus had arrived back at Starbase One. Having deposited – discretely – The Russian and his cohorts back on their world, they’d made a beeline for Starbase One. Despite the fighting aboard, there really hadn’t been all that much damage to the ship. There were some cosmetic damage, and obviously some bridge consoles had been damaged quite badly in the firefight, but on the whole, the ship had fared quite well.

The crew had also performed exceptionally well under very difficult circumstances. There had however been a few fatalities, as well as some injuries. It had taken a toll on the crew’s morale, but they still felt bolstered that they’d taken their ship back. Somehow, the entire event had brought the crew together in a way that could only be imagined. They now felt like an actual ‘crew’, rather than a group of individuals forced to be together by fate.

After the ship had put into dock, Alexia had been notified that she would need to be debriefed, but due to their needing to be an internal inquiry first, it had been postponed by five days. This was extremely fortuitous as they’d been arranging their marriage via subspace with their respective families en-route to Earth. They then had five days to enjoy themselves. Once she’d been informed of the delay to her debrief, the girls had told Jael and Dutch when and where the wedding would take place – then hurried off to go meet their families.

Naturally, their respective families were overjoyed, showering them both with affection and jubilation. The wedding itself was held on a beach in Hawaii with Abi’s sisters acting as bridesmaids, and her nieces as flower-girls. Alexia’s father hand walked her down the aisle, whilst Abi’s father had walked her down the aisle. Both girls were dressed in white dresses, although Alexia’s was a slim fit full length satin strapless dress, Abi had gone full wedding gown.

The ceremony had been perfect, and the reception afterwards had been fantastic. The speeches by the fathers had been both emotional and humorous. When Dutch and Jael had got up to sing “Falling Slowly” by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, it was truly touching. Abi and Alexia danced to their friends serenading them. The party had gone on late into the night, and everyone had a great time.

The remaining few days had seen the new married couple spending some quality time alone. On the first day, they’d not left their hotel room, having had meals brought to them. They then took a turn exploring the sights and enjoying some of the entertainment that the island had to offer. However, the day of the debrief arrived, and the two agreed that they’d continue their honey-moon after Alexia had been debriefed by the admirals.

Wearing a crisp new duty uniform, Alexia kissed her wife goodbye and beamed herself back to Starbase One. She arrived outside the meeting room that the debrief would take place, and entered the room to present herself; “Commander Hunter-Nolan, reporting as ordered.” She said, using her new hyphenated surname for the first time – outside of bedroom roleplay.

Admiral Vernon raised an amused eyebrow, and gestured for her to take a seat. Captain Sato sat beside him, looking equally bemused. Also in attendance were Admiral Hanson of Starfleet Security, Admiral Mayback from Colonial Affairs and a civilian who didn’t introduce herself. She seemed quite haughty, reminding Alexia of Dubratone’s persona on his arrival aboard. Alexia took her seat, and steeled herself for the onslaught to come.

“Thank you for taking time out of your honeymoon to come and talk to us, Commander.” Admiral Vernon began. “I trust that your partner isn’t too annoyed with us?”

“I would avoid the Hawaiian Islands for a while sirs.” Alexia smirked. “Abi is none too pleased at having to share me with you guys.”

Vernon chuckled and turned to his PADD. “We just want to go through the series of events that transpired aboard your ship, and what happened with the colonists you had on-board.”

Alexia nodded, and began to explain out verbally her report. They had the whole thing in writing before them, but she knew that due process meant that she had to give a full verbal account of the actions that had led up to the event, what had happened during it, and the actions taken to resolve it. She did conveniently however not mention The Russian or his people, out of respect for helping them in their time of need, she would keep their secrecy.

“Thank you for that report, Commander.” Admiral Hanson said. “Tell me, did you have any indications whatsoever that Phillipe Dubratone and his people were intent on taking over the ship?”

“If I had Admiral, I would have taken more steps to secure the vessel from them than I had. I took standard procedures and protocols to restrict their access to key locations of the vessel. All crew were briefed to avoid fraternising with him and his people. However, we focused more on protecting the female crew from Phillipe Dubratone’s misogynistic approach to women, than worrying about the other colonists. Its apparent now that he was being deliberately provocative to act as a distraction. However, at the time, we had no idea what was going on. As it turned out, several of the colonists had seduced other members of the crew into gaining access to critical areas – and one even ate and replaced my Third Officer.”

That caused a slight wince to reverberate around the table.

“Let’s talk about why you sent your First Officer off the ship.” Admiral Mayback began. “Why did you feel it necessary to send Commander Steiger off the ship to scout out the colonists location?”

“As reported in my log, Admiral, this was a direct request from Phillipe Dubratone for a more up-to-date survey scan of the upcoming colony site. He was most insistent that this be done, and I have written orders from you sir that state categorically that I was to do all within my power to reasonably do all requests from Mister Dubratone to complete his colony mission. I did not deem it that unreasonable that a survey of the planet be carried out by a support craft, and since Commander Steiger’s husband was going that way in his own craft, Commander Steiger offered to go on the mission.”

“And it was Commander Steiger and her husband who effected a rescue of the Centaurus, with liberated elements of your shipboard security team?” Hanson replied.

“Correct.” Alexia replied. “They were able to secure the security office and liberate enough personnel to help secure the bridge, and then assist resistance in Engineering led by Lieutenant Richardson and Ensign DuBare.” It was a bold face lie, to a limited extent. However, she had made a promise not to bring up The Russian and his group. If it was discovered they were involved, they’d have Starfleet all over them, and she owed them her life and her ship. Plus, they were Jael’s friends, and she wouldn’t betray a friend of a friend.

The woman, who up until this point had simply sat silently, pushed her glasses up her nose and looked at Alexia. “Commander, do you think you can elaborate on the actions that took place in your ready-room during the take-over of your bridge?” She asked. Alexia could swear there was a sadistic look on her face, but it was as neutral and flat as the grey topped table they were sat at.

“After Lieutenant Hunter sounded the intruder alert, I immediately locked out command functions to the main computer, but not before putting the engines through a level 1 diagnostic cycle, knowing that would tie up the engines for at least sixteen hours. If somehow they’d managed to break through to take control of the propulsion systems, they would’ve been unable to move the ship until the diagnostic was complete. Not long after this, Phillipe Dubaratone broke down the doors to my ready-room and insisted that I release my lock-out. I refused. At this point, he resorted to physical attacks against me, as well as degrading and derogatory insults in a vain attempt to break me. It was the intervention of one of his colleagues that restrained him, whereupon I was brought out and held with the rest of my surviving bridge crew.”

The woman looked over the top of her glasses at Alexia. “Just physical and verbal attacks?” She asked, knowingly.

Alexia stared daggers at the woman, but would not push her luck. “Yes.” She said, calmly. That woman could go to hell before she’d admit to this panel what really happened.

Fortunately, Admiral Vernon came to the rescue. “It seems to me that you and your crew handled yourselves very well in a very challenging situation. I don’t think there’s any further need to drag this meeting on any further. Need I remind all present that this is classified?”

“Indeed you do not.” Admiral Mayback snapped. As Head of the Colonisation project, the blame for this mess was resting on him and his departments lack of vetting. They too had been pressured by Dubratone into getting what he wanted. In the meantime, a similar classified investigation was going on into his contacts within the Federation government. A lowly ships captain was not really cleared to know more.

“Thank you for your time today, Commander Hunter-Nolan.” Admiral Hanson said, offering a polite smile. “We’ll be in touch if we need anything further.”

“Now, go, enjoy the rest of your honeymoon.” Vernon smiled at her. “Give my regards to Mrs Nolan-Hunter.”

“I will, Admiral.” Alexia smiled, deciding not to correct him that it was Doctor Hunter-Nolan.

With that all done, Alexia left Starbase One, having herself beamed back to their holiday villa on the beach. Abi was there, waiting, wearing a white two-piece bikini with a sheer shawl. Upon looking up and seeing Alexia walking through the living room, removing her uniform as she went along, Abi held out her hand to her wife, and as Alexia took it, their two ring fingers met – showing the two platinum bands with their names engraved. Their lips locked as they began their own ‘debrief’.


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