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1000 Credits

Posted on Fri Nov 16th, 2018 @ 10:33am by Lieutenant Commander Jael Steiger & Dutch Lowek
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Mission: Spoilt Settlers
Location: Jael & Dutch's Quarters
Timeline: After "She's Always a Woman"

Dutch’s 6’5” muscular frame sometimes didn’t serve him well, especially when his frame was filled with copious amounts of alcohol. While Jael was having her dinner meeting with Alexia, he took full advantage of his reunion with The Russian, his former Intelligence partner and closest friend. The shenanigans of the evening included the celebration of their victory against the colonists and stroking of their egos and the egos of the crew that shared the lounge with them. They were loud and boisterous but innocent with their fun.

And now it was time for Dutch to take advantage of the calm waters by having his own personal celebration with his wife.

As soon as his shoes knocked against the living room wall of their quarters, Jael couldn’t help but smirk at her husband’s clumsiness. She always recognized the sound of his footsteps; the heavy sounds meant he was liquored up and the night’s festivities were nowhere near their completion. She rolled over under her bed sheets to face the door that revealed Dutch’s hungry eyes and body to her.

“I see you have succeeded in proving to yourself that you are still capable of keeping up with your younger counterparts,” her voice jested quietly as Dutch collapsed onto the bed and wrapped his eager arms around her.

Dutch let out a deep chuckle as his lips, without delay, caressed hers. “I was getting in touch with my natural machismo, as you like to so eloquently put it,” he ran his fingers across her eyebrow and down her cheek to the strap of her black tank top that had dropped down her shoulder.

Jael grinned at the anticipation of what was to come. As strong and independent as she was, she found pleasure in Dutch’s masculine tendency to go after what he was craving. It was a deep turn on. She returned the firmness of his kiss and ran her fingers down his now goosebumped side. “And now you must now complete the evening with the showing-off of your virility.”

Dutch let out a muffled growl from deep in his chest. As much as her body turned him on, it was her mind that always pushed him over the edge.

Knowing she would not get a chance for a while to satisfy her curiosity, Jael pulled her lips back briefly and looked over Dutch’s strong and enthusiastic face. “Did you get your 1000 credits from Rush?”

Dutch let out an amused chuckle at her inquiry and shook his head in affirmation.

Three Years Before, Intelligence, Starfleet Headquarters

Dutch leaned back in his chair and kicked his feet up on his desk. “I still think it’s bullshit you’re getting out of here,” he let out a disapproving sigh as he watched The Russian pack up the desk across from him.

“Sorry, amigo,” The Russian overemphasized his already strong Texan accent. “Apparently my charm is too much to handle for our current clientele.” He let out a loud chuckle as he tossed the last PADD into his box. “They’re fixin’ to spread The Russian wealth further across the galaxy.”

Dutch returned the laugh with his own chuckle. He was going to miss working with The Russian. They had gotten into some crazy shit over the years. He trusted him with his life. And now he was going to have to start all over again. “You know who they’re setting me up with now? This chick named Steiger over from Psychiatry. Probably some bookworm who can barely point a phaser let alone hold a decent conversation.”

The Russian, who had been making his way around his desk, stopped in the middle of his tracks. His eyes widened slightly at Dutch’s half-wit remark and let out a long, high whistle. The rumors had been shooting around the office about the new addition to the department and apparently Dutch had been keeping his ears shut to it all. And now it was just confirmed that he had, in fact, been paired with the mysterious woman. The Russian had kept his own mouth shut in order to not rub salt into the wound from him leaving. “I’d be careful about what you say, amigo. I hear Steiger is one cold bitch with an even colder phaser aim. Brilliant to the core with a mouth that gets even the most evil to talk openly about their deeds. She may just as easily filet you with a knife if you say the wrong thing to her.”

Dutch raised his eyebrow at The Russian. That was some big talk about his new partner. He had been so heartbroken about the separation from him that he hadn’t even bothered to look into who he was working with. Just as soon as The Russian finished his last sentence Dutch noticed new movement coming from the office door. His eye caught a glimpse of a short brunette woman with the straightened posture and chill that seemed to surround her. His mouth gaped open slightly, stunned at who exactly he was looking at.

The Russian, noticing Dutch’s new facial expression, turned and caught a glimpse of what, or who, had caused the change. It was her. His lips curled up in amusement. “Oh, and did I mention she is a complete knockout?”

Dutch was speechless. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, with her strong jaw and light green eyes that could cut through the hardest of metals with just one look. And she was going to be his new partner. His heart began picking up its pace as Jael approached The Russian’s desk and cooly placed her own box of things onto it.

The two men remained completely silent as she looked them over quizzically before taking her seat in The Russian’s chair. She was already making herself quite at home without so much as a greeting. Dutch was going to be in for quite a ride with this one.

The Russian, feeling the tension building between them, stuck his hand out to her. “I’m…”

“The Russian, yes,” Jael spoke with her thick Swiss German accent without so much as acknowledging the hand. Her eyes moved across the desk to Dutch. “You are David. Or do you prefer to be called Dutch?” There was an emptiness to her voice, sending a chill up Dutch’s spine. It was eerie but intriguing. She was a mystery to him, and one he was eager to solve.

Feeling his pants tighten slightly from the beauty that was sitting across from him, Dutch placed his feet firmly onto the ground. He watched her move about effortlessly as she began setting out her work items in an orderly fashion on her desk. “Dutch is preferable,” he answered cautiously. Honestly she could call him whatever she wanted and he would come crawling on his knees to her. He could see why she was brought into Intelligence. There was a darkness that surrounded her that would serve to protect her from the evil they would be facing together. And that voice…

The Russian let out a quiet scoff as he could feel the restraint emanating from his friend. He had awkwardly withdrawn the rejected handshake and picked up the box that Jael had pushed aside to make room. “It was nice meeting you, Sweetheart.”

Jael’s eyes darted to The Russian in response to his uninvited term of endearment. She stood up and straightened out her crisp uniform before turning sharply towards the Vice Admiral’s office for her first meeting with him. The men’s eyes followed until the door had secured shut behind her.

“Good God!” The Russian let out an exasperated chuckle. He hated being reassigned and leaving Dutch, and now he actually felt pity for him. “Looks like the rumors are true and we aren’t just a bunch of gossip girls.”

Dutch finally peeled his eyes away from the door to look up at The Russian. His heart was unable to slow down. There was something crawling deep inside of him, something that had been buried for so long. And Jael had been the one to stir it up. He couldn’t stop thinking about her strong hourglass figure, her green eyes, and voice that seemed to tighten its grasp around his brain. No woman had ever done this to him before but Jael did in less than five minutes. “I’m going to marry her.”

The Russian’s eyes widened at the proclamation. Dutch was a crazy guy, his favorite person in the entire galaxy, but he had officially gone off the deep end. “Amigo, you need to go to medical or something. You’ve seriously lost your mind! You’ve done a lot of insane things in your life but that,” he gestured towards the office with his head, “can’t be done.”

“Bet your credits on it?” Dutch’s voice remained firm and serious.

The Russian looked him over. There was no waiver or hesitation in his voice. “1000 credits.”

Dutch smirked. “Deal.”

Present Day

Dutch looked across at the light green eyes that had once been cold and empty but were now so open and filled with desire and love for him. Their relationship was a long, difficult journey but it was all worth it. He broke through Jael’s wall, revealing the beautiful and complex woman that had been so carefully kept away from the world. He had won more than just 1000 credits.

Pushing Jael back against the bed, Dutch climbed on top of her to continue to satisfy his desire for the only woman he has ever, and will ever, love.


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