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Relationship Dynamics

Posted on Thu Nov 15th, 2018 @ 4:04pm by Commander Alexia Hunter-Nolan & Abigail "Abi" Hunter-Nolan PhD, MSc, BSc

Mission: Spoilt Settlers
Location: Captain's Quarters
Timeline: After "She's always a woman"

The day after her dinner with Jael, Alexia was back in her own quarters having a different dinner. This time, she was having dinner with her girlfriend and lover, Abi. This was the first time they’d been able to sit together and have dinner since the whole crisis aboard the ship had unfolded. It was nice to spend time with Abi, and even more so now that Alexia had been reminded how much she loved her.

The idea for a nice quiet meal, just the two of them, alone in their quarters had been Abi’s. With Alexia having spent the day sorting out the running of the ship, she’d been preparing the dinner since early lunchtime, and cooking it herself. After hearing the stories of Jael’s amazing cooking and how she’d dazzled Alexia with it, Abi had pulled out all the stops to make something truly remarkable. If only to pull her lover’s attention back her way away from Jael. Abi had teased Alexia mercilessly about her ‘date’ with Jael, even asking her if she’d put out for her, since she’d gone to so much effort to woo her with her cooking. Alexia had rolled her eyes and in keeping with the teasing, said that they’d only passionately made out for fifteen minutes, but stopped short of all the way. That had resulted in some chuckles between the two women.

In truth, Abi was glad that Alexia and Jael were getting on so much better now. They’d been so bumpy at the start, but they seemed to have a good understanding of one another now. It was nice that their working relationship was improving as a result of their personal relationship improving. Jael was a hard woman to understand, but she was earnest and sincere, and never minced her words. You knew exactly where you stood with her, and that was an honourable trait.

So, in the attempt to outdo her competition, Abi had prepared Alexia’s favourite – roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, roast parsnips, peas, carrots and cauliflower. Naturally, Alexia had squealed with delight when Abi had presented her with the plate, giving her a tender kiss on the lips in gratitude. The red wine that accompanied the meal was just right, and the addition of candles had added just the right touch of cheesiness for the occasion.

Abi had gone all out for this meal, wearing a figure hugging sparkly short dress with matching shoes, whilst Alexia wore a white blouse and pink skirt. For some reason, without discussing it, both women had wanted to impress the other tonight. The conversation invariably turned to work, where Alexia told Abi about her day, and Abi discussed her research with Alexia. This general chit-chat got them through the main meal and into dessert.

“So, was my dinner better than your other woman’s?” Abi teased.

Alexia laughed. “Of course.” She said, diplomatically. “Although, the after dinner entertainment of Jael strip-teasing is missing here I feel…” She joked.

“Well, that could be arranged…” Abi purred, and moved her hand across the table to hold Alexia’s. Their eyes caught one another across the table, and they just looked at one another for a moment. After a pause, Abi gave a smile and began moving her fingers over Alexia’s hand. “You know…” She began.

“Mmm?” Alexia replied, looking at her partner with curiosity. She wasn’t usually this reserved.

“I had a bit of time to think about what you told me the other day, about what happened on the bridge.” Abi said, nipping at her lower lip slightly. “When you told me what that Phillipe guy tried to do to you, I wanted to go down to the brig so badly to beat the living shit out of him…”

“Honey…” Alexia said, holding Abi’s hand in hers. “I know… but he didn’t… thank heaven…” The thoughts still festered, and when she closed her eyes, she still saw it happening. The exposure… the violation…

“And the thought of you being killed… you being put in that position that you might have to kill yourself to save the ship… I realised I would have regrets.” Abi said, looking down at the table.

“Regrets?” Alexia asked, concerned.

“Yeah…” Abi replied quietly. “I’d regret not telling you how I feel, what I want, and what you mean to me.”

“Oh Abi, I know how you feel.” Alexia smiled. “You have nothing to regret.”

“But I do Alex, I do!” Abi exclaimed suddenly, grabbing both of Alexia’s hands across the table. “I love you Alex, more than anything! It took the very possible reality of losing you to make me realise that if I lost you now, I’d never be happy again. It made me realise that I couldn’t fathom you not being here.”

“Abi, we’ve only been together a few months.” Alexia replied. “I don’t know why, but I feel the same. Its as if we’ve been together for years. I feel that having you around completes me in a substantial way. I don’t feel so lost. I feel focused, driven, and complete. I don’t think I could do what I do now without you. It’s so strange, but I need you.”

“I can’t go back to not having you in my life, Alexia.” Abi said, firmly. “I want you in it permanently. I want to grow old with you. Have a family with you. Hold you in my arms every night. I just feel that we were destined to be together, and finding one another after so long, after wanting to be with one another even back in our youth. It was meant to be.”

Alexia looked over at Abi, cocking her head slightly. “Abz, are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“Yes Alex, I am.” Abi said. “I want us to get married. I know it’s sudden, and I know we’ve not been together long. But I love you. You clearly love me. I don’t want anyone else. This isn’t that romantic, but we’re both old enough to know what we want now. We’re not kids.”

Alexia chuckled, got up from her chair, walked around the little table and moved to squat next to Abi. “Of course I’ll marry you Abz. Nothing in this universe would make me happier, or convince me otherwise. You are my whole existence, and I want you forever – as selfish as that want is.”

“Oh Alex!” Abi said, tears in her eyes as she flung her arms around her new fiancée’s neck, kissing her so forcefully on the lips that they toppled backwards with Abi falling onto Alexia on the floor as they kept kissing.

It proved to be a very long night after that.


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