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Fort Apache

Posted on Tue Nov 13th, 2018 @ 4:26am by Dutch Lowek
Edited on on Sun Jan 6th, 2019 @ 11:27pm

Mission: Spoilt Settlers
Location: Main Engineering

Remy shook his head not believing their luck so far. Looking down at the uncomscioo forms, ne recognized some of the colonists he'd been avoiding. What bothered him most as he scanned the deck were the weapons. Half were 'Frankensteins,' crappy third rate modulars, probably hidden in the pieces among the machines and electronics the colonists brought on board. Nearly impossible to scan for. Those he'd expect on a job like this. What was more concerning were the number of T-3 Rifles and T-2 pistols he was coming across. They WOULD have showed up on a scan. Breathing heavy, the adrenaline still pounding in his ears Remy had a bad feeling about what that could mean.

Dutch and Big Mike felt the warmth of the remnants of the phaser fight as they rematerialized just on the outside of the entrance to Main Engineering and the heart of the pirates' efforts. The men and women had to be careful as the two groups were possibly sill tangled together. As they entered the room it appeared the Federation officers had begun detaining the criminals in ties and handcuffs and the chaos had begun dissipating.

Keeping his rifle up as he and Big Mike scanned the bodies spread around the lower and upper decks of the massive room, Dutch made sure to not startle the Starfleet officers since not all of them were aware of who he was and that he was one of them.

Dutch’s eyes fell to Remy and the other officers gathered around the console near him. He held his hand up to The Russian’s people to have them hold back while he confirmed the scene was, in fact, in their favor. Placing his rifle’s aim towards the ground, he approached them from the side. “What’s the status?” He had no time for introductions unless it was necessary.

Remy felt tension fill the room as Dutch entered the room. “Take it easy boys and girls,” he said to the ad hoc troops, “I think we just got reinforcements.“ with a nod from Dutch, Remy continued, “Lt. Richardson's getting a handle on where we stand with the ship." The Chief engineer popped his head up at hearing his name. Remy with a motion of his head he called Tom over to join them, "As for here, looks like twenty-two bad guys. All down, don't think anyone got past us.” Then the Cajun face suddenly looked angry

“I said strip the bastards,” Remy orderedin a firm voice, looking at the engineer's handling the prisoners, “Scan ‘em and hog tie 'em.” then looking back at Dutch, ”Apologies Mr. Lowek, I've dealt with marauders like this before. I am leaving no chance for holdout weapons or comms.” then taking a breath he continued, “About half were armed some with these,” he said handing Dutch a phaser rifle he just picked up from the deck, “I think it's one of ours." Remy.added knowing what that implied.

"Mr. DuBare," a crewman called out, "We found this on that one over there." He said pointing out Kassidy who looked the worse for wear. She was tied up on the floor, and shooting them daggers from her eyes.

Remy looked down at what he'd been handed "Access codes." He replied glumly, "On the up side I think we found ourselves someone higher on the foodchain.".

Dutch looked over at the woman and nodded firmly. His reputation seemed to precede himself as this officer, who he had never met before, knew who he was right away. "Commander Steiger is up on the Bridge and we got another small team transporting into the Armory. There are a few lookouts on shuttles outside of the ship but they haven't reported any additional hostiles." He turned to the rest of The Russian's people and gestured for them to come in and help officially secure the area and with separating the colonists as much as possible.

Dutch then caught eyes with the beautiful colonist with the access codes. He knew she more than likely wasn't going to talk, but it definitely didn't hurt to try at this point. He bent down on one knee to get as close to eye level as he could to the rather busty woman. “What did you plan on doing with the ship anyway? I’m more curious than anything.” He had softened his voice a bit, bringing out his boyish charm.

The woman continued to glare at him, tightening her lips and cursing him silently with her eyes. She was a tough woman, as Phillipe had taught her to be, and giving these people just a smidgen of a reason for their actions would let them win. “Go to Hell,” she pushed out through her clenched teeth.

Dutch looked up at Remy and the other officers with raised eyebrows and a slightly amused smirk then looked back across at the colonist. “Look, you know and I know that you’ll be spending the rest of your life in a penal colony wasting away your beauty while scooping up dead ants with a rock. However, I believe if you cooperate with us you can be spared such a depressing end. The judge may even look favorably upon you.”

The colonist let out a low growl at even his suggestion that she turn on her people. She sent a rather forceful spitwad towards Dutch’s face, feeling some satisfaction as it landed right on his cheek. “Screw you!”

Dutch paused for a moment as his mind processed what exactly did hit his cheek. His amused grin had dropped slightly, though he wasn’t entirely surprised she would be so forceful with him. “My, aren’t you a feisty one?” He slowly wiped the back of his hand against his cheek to remove the woman’s disgusting spit from his skin as he stood up and faced Big Mike. “You got a handkerchief on you?”

Big Mike eyed the colonist, then silently handed over a black cloth from one of the side pockets of his gray tactical pants and curiously handed it over to Dutch.

“Much appreciated,” Dutch nodded to him. Without warning, he went behind the colonist and used the handkerchief as a gag on the female colonist who decided to use her mouth as a weapon. She more than likely would resort to spitting on and even biting any of the Federation officers having to deal with her. He couldn’t help but chuckle at her muffled curses and yells directed at him that came out of her mouth after. “Kiss your mother with that mouth?”

Remy laughed, appreciating Dutch's restraint. “That on there is a tough nut, Mr. Lemox. I've met the type before.” Then looking around at the Russians men shrugged, “Sorry you had these guys get all dressed up for a party, not that I'm sorry to see you, mind.” As he’s smiled at the smelly, dirty, beautifully ugly company that surrounded them is mind clicked off possibilities, shuttles? he thought, Hostiles in the area?

“Oh Merde,” he whispered, “Mr Lowex, I were trying to pull a Trojan Horse, one of the places I'd secure would be the shuttle bays.” Looking at Dutch Remy narrowed his eyes, “This ship also had point defense phasers in it's ass end. If you don't have any of your merry men back there, your shuttles might be in trouble.”

Dutch shook his head. "We transported over so our shuttles are at the edge of the transporter range. We weren't able to dock since the computers are locked out." He turned to Big Mike, gave him a nod, then grabbed his tac comm. =/\= Jazz from Dutch, you guys still good out there? Picking up any other phaser fire? =/\=

=/\= Phaser fire on the Bridge, Dutch. Pretty heavy, too. Armory just stabilized. If you got any spare guys, send them up. =/\= Jazz replied with a hint of urgency in his voice.

“Big Mike, I got it down here. Start heading up to the Bridge. You got one hell of a climb ahead of you.” Dutch desperately wanted to fight with Jael but knew he was needed to help keep Engineering under control.

“You got it, Dutch,” Big Mike bellowed as he whistled towards his people, turned and headed out into the hallway to begin his ascend up towards the Bridge. The rest of his people soon followed after separating the colonists as best as they could.

Dutch let out a quick breath as he headed back to the panel. “Any luck with trying to break through Commander Nolan’s lock? We should probably at least get the shield’s up.” He gave Remy a half-smile. “Even though it’s apparent these pirates aren’t rocket scientists, they have connections in the Federation. Better safe than sorry. Though I would imagine their reinforcement would’ve shown up before us.”

"When someone hit the panic button up on the bridge, it dropped whatever internal forcedields that were online." Remy explained as the two approached the display table, "Judging by the internal sensors, most of our 'guests' are as stuck as most of the crew. I'm guessing they were being held in reserve to help any of their advanced teams."

As they looked at the ship's display Dutch could see that their were blips marked in red and gold. "Their are about 300 'reds. We've been able to ID' them because they're carrying these nonstandard comms." Remy explained holding up one of the earpieces they confiscated. "About half of them are clustered here, here and here. That is if this is accurate."

Dutch nodded. They were clustered right where Jael had thought they would be at. “We might be mixed up in that too with our own borrowed comms.” His comm keyed up with the update from the Armory, giving Dutch more satisfaction at how the crew had held their own even without help from The Russian. He gave Remy a smile. “Whelp, whoever’s left pretty much is running around like a chicken with its head cut off.” He shook his head at how Phillipe’s obvious grand scheme seemed to fall apart with just one tug of a loose string. “Bastard thought he had it all figured out…” His eyes moved over the placement of the dots again to check the Security levels. “Might want to wait a bit before we start loading these assholes up to the Brig.”

He paused, looking at Remy who had stepped up to the plate throughout the ordeal. “What’s your name?”

"Remy DuBare." The Cajun replied as he started to extend his hand. "I'm one of helsman." Then looking down at his sweat stained tshirt and shorts added, "Normally. I'm better dressed. But more of that later, let's set some pickets in case any of the stragglers come this way. And Good Morning Mr. Lowek, time to get to work."


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