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The Bigger They Are, the Harder They Fall

Posted on Tue Nov 13th, 2018 @ 1:43pm by Lieutenant Commander Jael Steiger & Commander Alexia Hunter-Nolan & Ensign Breana Rathburn

Mission: Spoilt Settlers
Location: The Bridge
Timeline: Immediately after 'Defiance'

Jael managed to always have perfect timing.

With the relieving update from Dutch that Engineering was just in the beginning stagings of been secured as they rematerialized, Jael was able to focus 100% of her attention on Phillipe and the toughest of his people on the Bridge. Followed by The Russian and five of his people, the woman walked with firm and steady steps down the hall that lead directly to the Bridge. The people on their team were also in place and ready for whatever direction the showdown took. The use of force the colonists used on her people in Engineering forced her to change her tactic. She sent three members of her group to the Jefferies tubes to set up sniper positions while the rest joined her and The Russian. These people weren’t willing to talk; they were willing to kill to achieve their goal.

Now Jael was willing and able to take the same path as she had been back in Intelligence. It was time to face the darkness again.

The single phaser shot pushed Jael and The Russian even faster down the hallway and forced their rifles to now take the lead. But there was no return shot. Who was it who fired that shot? It had to have been one of the colonists as surely they would have stripped the Bridge crew of their phasers. Instead, it was followed by yelling from different voices, either in anger or in desperation. It was all jumbled together and difficult to decipher, except for Alexia’s firm and commanding voice:

I will kill myself before I allow you to impersonate me.” Alexia boomed over everyone. Jael’s research was unfolding in front of her; the blob, known for its physiology that allowed it to take any form it digested, was making Alexia its target. It wanted the access code to unlock the ship. Her Commander was more than willing to take her own life in order to prevent its taker. She was willing to place her duty above her loved one to make sure the colonists did not win.

Alexia was continually surprising Jael, especially as Jael watched her finger move over the fire button as she and The Russian made their grand entrance onto the Bridge after blasting a rather large hole with their multiple rifles.

“Commander!” Jael called out as she set her rifle's muzzle onto the blob and secured her firing stance.

With her finger lightly pressed against the fire button on her phaser, she looked up at the shout coming from a voice she distinctly recognised as that belonging to her first officer. But how? She'd been sent away? Who were these people with her? How did she get here? All that clearly could wait for a more opportune moment. It was as if all the tension in her coiled spring of a body was able to release, as she could see that she wasn't alone anymore.

The Russian and his people followed Jael’s suit, all lining up around the back of the Bridge and each rifle taking a target.

“We got you, you son of a bitch!” The Russian called out as he aimed his rifle right at Phillipe’s head. After hearing all about the terror that he caused on his friend’s vessel, he wanted to rip the man’s heart out and feed it to the wild animals back home.

“Rush, take the blob,” Jael commanded to The Russian. She never staked a claim on any particular target before, but for some reason she wanted to be the one to end Phillipe, either literally or figuratively. “He moves any closer to the Captain, kill him.” The Russian nodded in understanding. As they seamlessly switched their targets, her eyes followed her rifle’s sights and landed on Phillipe. Seeing him laying on the ground with a firm grasp on his nether regions caused her lips to curl up in amusement. “Ah, Monsieur Deubratonè, it seems you have overestimated your charm and sexual appeal towards the opposite sex.”

Still a bit groggy from being stunned by Alexia, Phillipe could swear he could see and hear Jael Steiger, but surely he'd sent her away? Why was she here? He growled at her and looked at the guns at the back of the bridge. It was a classic flip around, but there were more of his people than theirs. He discretly pressed a button on his wrist device, and stood up slowly. "So, Madame Steiger, you have returned." He said, coolly. "Alas, it is not my charm that has failed me here, but rather your Captain's desire not to be eaten. However, we do really need her to unlock the computers, so if you don't mind - I'd rather you stood down."

"We have already taken Engineering back, Monsieur," Jael reaffirmed her rifle's aim towards his head. "You do not know when to raise the white flag. Your situational awareness will be your downfall." Her eyes quickly passed over Carter and the rest of the colonists in front of her then back down to Phillipe. "You will suffer far less consequences if you and your men proned out."

"I think it is you who have lost your situational awareness..." Phillipe smirked.

From the forward turbolift doors, a large group of pirate/colonists burst out and started firing at the rescue party at the back of the bridge. Another group came out from behind them via the conference room, and started firing, catching the group in a pincer. Phillipe ducked behind the first officer's chair and started firing upwards towards the upper bridge.

Alexia dived between the Ops and Helm consoles, as the blob creature lurched towards her. Pointing her phaser at it, she fired, vaporising the blob creature so that it vanished. She let out a deep sigh of relief as she reduced the power setting, and started firing towards the command chairs where Carter and Phillipe were held out. The chaos on the bridge was such that the one solitary guard on the bridge crew had his back to the prisoners, who took their chance and jumped him.

Bree had been one of the first to jump into the mess, a hard kick of the heel of her foot into the side of the man's knee. A trick that her brothers had taught her, take a man's knee out and you have an advantage. Leaving the rest of him to the others, she had simply made a dive for the phaser that the guard had dropped in surprise and pain.

Dropping to the ground, Bree held that phaser tight as she belly crawled towards the Captain's chair. Anger and hatred seethed from her, she had one focus on her mind and that was to get Phillipe. Staying low in order to not get hit in the cross fire, she managed to sneak up on the side of the Captains chair. Drawing herself up from the ground as she shoved the end of the phaser into the back of Phillipe, she hissed lowly. "Tell them to back off.... tell them, or I'll pull the trigger now and you'll be dead. I have nothing to lose if your partner there kills me in return." Her tone clearly stated that she had, at the moment, no care about her life only in getting him to do what she said, in getting her revenge on the man who'd used her.

Phillipe smirked at Bree. "My my, my little kitten found her claws." He cooed at her. "I don't know why you're getting so emotional, you enjoyed the attention as much as I enjoyed sleeping with a woman half my age. This is going to happen, my dear." He taunted her. He turned to face her, letting her see his face. "You don't have the guts to do it, Breanna. You're weak, like all of you on this shit-pile of a ship. That's why you fell for my charms, and that's why you won't shoot me down now. You have faith in your future, that's why you can't kill me in cold blood."

His every word only seemed to add to her feelings, add to her hatred for him. Why did she always attract the users? Phillipes downfall was the fact he was underestimating her, he didn't realize that it wasn't just him she was getting revenge for, but her EX was fueling this also. Her grip tightened on the phaser as she shifted slightly, perhaps hesitating a moment? Or at least letting him think she was. Shifting some, so that Phillipe was in between her and Carter more now, she let the phaser move slightly also as she pulled it back from him just a hair. "You're right... I can't shoot you in cold blood. I'll give you a warning first, but I will kill you if you don't tell them to back down." As soon as she said that, her finger pressed to that trigger and she shot him in the groin area.... you know, that warning she'd spoke of.

Jael and The Russian, taking cover behind the center console above and behind the Captain’s chair, continued firing at the outpour of colonists that raided the Bridge. They were a disorganized cluster, firing at random and making it quite easy for Jael and The Russian and his people to pick them off one by one. His people holed up in the Jefferies tubes had kicked out the access doors and were of much help, covering Jael and firing at anyone that decided to attempt to surprise her.

Jael secretly thanked her continuing firearms hobby for making it possible to get through this moment.

The Russian was having the time of his life, feeling the rush of the phaser fire whizzing past him. He returned fire with over-enthusiasm, letting out hoots and other various non-descript exclamations after every one of his hits and after nearly getting knocked back a number of times by the return fire. It definitely was going to be one last ride to remember.

Occasionally looking around at their people, Jael and The Russian kept track of their own numbers, making sure their people were still fighting. Save for a handful of injuries, everyone was still pushing as hard as they could through their pain.

The movement of the Captain’s chair caught Jael’s eye as she peeked around the side of her cover. The sight in front of her caused her eyebrows to furrow slightly; Phillipe was at the mercy of the end of a hand phaser held by none other than Bree. Bree’s face was reddened, filled with anger and what appeared to be embarrassment. Phillipe was hunched over, squealing in pain and apparently lost his micturition reflex noted by the large wet area around his pants where his hands were covering. She had to force down the grin that tried to form on her lips.

Hell hath no fury…

There was a reason why Bree had directed anger towards him in that manner. Something had happened when it shouldn’t have but she would have to save that investigation for more appropriate time. Right now, she needed to get Bree to safety and away from the dangerous and very unstable man and the extremely open position she had put herself in.

“Ensign!” Jael called out to Bree.

Carter, hidden behind one of the guard rails leading up to the upper portion of the Bridge across from Jael, caught the sound of the Commander’s voice near Phillipe. He had been distracted by the gunfire around him, not having noticed his boss’s predicament. But he had a crystal clear view of Bree and needed to take advantage. Carter moved his phaser’s aim to Bree’s head and placed his finger on the trigger.

And that's all he wrote. In a flash, Carter’s head was knocked back, his body falling lifelessly onto the floor of the Bridge. Jael moved her rifle aim directly to Phillipe’s head, and her eyes quickly processed the blast that came from her left.

“Got ‘im, Sweetheart!” The Russian yelled at Jael. He had seen Carter and quickly wrecked his plans to shoot Bree.

Jael returned her focus to Phillipe, letting the smirk crawl across her lips. “It is over, Monsieur! You have bitten off more than you can chew and your plans have been torn to pieces. Be a man and surrender!”

"Kill me..." He breathed through the pain, the second time in the space of ten minutes he'd been shot in the groin.

She'd heard Jaels yell and had glanced around only fleetingly, seeing Carter a hard swallow happened as she figured her life was about to end quick too, but thankfully she'd gotten a break it seemed. Her grip held tight to that phaser as she kept it pointed at Phillipe. While there was a part of her that wanted nothing more then to pull the trigger and kill him, there was still that part of her that couldn't bring herself to do it. He'd been right in the fact he was unarmed and it would be wrong. Yet.... her mind raced with thoughts and feelings as her hardened gaze held his... after what he'd done, not just to her... but to everyone, he deserved it.

"Ensign!" Jael called out to Bree again, seeing the torment in her eyes. So much was going through her, and the man had distracted her almost to the point of indirectly killing her. "Get behind here!" The phaser fire had begun on die down but she couldn't take any chances after that major raid.

There was a moments hesitation again as she heard Jael, her gaze narrowed a little upon Phillipe before she backed off and started slinking over to where Jael was to hide behind her. Finally she slowly started taking some slow deep breaths to try and calm herself as she kept watch of everything still going on before looking worriedly towards Alexa.

=/\= Steiger, =/\= A woman's voice came over Jael's comm, =/\= We just secured the armory. =/\=

Jael's grin returned as she looked at the pathetic Phillipe's face. "I am not going to turn you into some sort of a false martyr. You overestimated your genius, Monsieur, and underestimated our ability to protect what is ours."

The Russian came around from his side, revealing himself to Phillipe and pointing his rifle towards the man's chest. "I would suggest you listen to Steiger here, Sir. I don't think you'd want your people to see you get your ass kicked by her."

Phillipe was still rithing in pain on the floor, but he was in no position to argue with them. He just gave the three of them an angry look, then ignored them completely as he rolled around in pain. "You want them to stop." He said. "You stop them. I'm not helping you in any way."

“Alright,” Jael was hitting the wall and not getting a different response. Phillipe was of no use to her or even to his own people. She was tired of even hearing this man’s obnoxious French accent. With a quick flip of her finger, she adjusted the setting on her rifle and fired at his chest, stunning the man and knocking him out for an undetermined amount of time and giving her the chance to cuff and tie him up and prepare him for detention.

The firing died down as one after the other the rebellous colonists were subdued. Alexia stood from her firing position and surveyed the chaos that was her bridge. There were scorch marks across the walls from errant phaser blasts, as well as unconcious people draped all over the place. A few of the consoles had taken hits and were non-functional, and for some reason, the first officer's chair had been completely vaporised.

She became conciously aware of the new arrivals aboard, standing with her first officer. Alexia gave Jael a lopsided grin despite the sheer amount of pain she was in, that her dishevelled appearance no doubt denoted. "Nice of you to drop by, Commander Steiger." She said.

Sorgfalt ist die Mutter des Glücks.” Jael gave Alexia a slight grin in both relief and slight humor at the luck they have had during their short travels. It seemed Jael was still very attractive for trouble. When she was a little girl, her father jokingly, and affectionately, called her ‘Mein kleiner Magnet’, his Little Magnet. “Diligence is the mother of good luck, Commander.” She looked around the room at the scattered men and women being tied up by her people. She then felt the blood begin to drip down her own cheek. Her battle wound. She quickly wiped it off with her finger and inspected the bright red liquid spread across her fingertips. “I expect you have many questions for me, as I have many for you. Once we are cleaned up I believe a meeting is in order.” And it was back to business for Jael.

Alexia smirked, then winced as she remembered she had a cracked rib. "That sounds like a very good plan." She said, collapsing into the helmsman's chair. "Oh, and be so kind as to get Miss Rathburn to get a mop, will you? She gets to clean up her boyfriend's mess."

Boyfriend? Jael raised her eyebrow at Alexia, putting together the pieces of the exchange that she witnessed between Phillipe and Bree. “Yes, we certainly have much to discuss.” She then turned her attention to The Russian who was aiding one of his people that was hit by phaser fire in the leg. “Do we have sufficient guest quarters available? My friends could use a good shower. And a check-up by the medical staff.” Her slight jest covered her thoughtful request for The Russian and his people to be able to stay aboard and recover. It was the least she could do for them, and she believed that the two groups of people, both them and her crew, would be able to learn from each other and appreciate the similarities they shared.

"I believe we very recently vacated a load of guest quarters, as the occupants checked into other accomodation." She said, gesturing to the restrained pirates. "Your friends are more than welcome to occupy them. They will no doubt be better travelling companions than our previous ones." Pushing herself out of the chair, wincing terribly at the pain she was in from her beatings, she rose to her height. "Once you confirm the ship is completely secure, I'll release the lock-out. After that, there's a bath with my name on it."

Jael nodded. “Yes, Commander.” She paused, looking over Alexia and her torn clothing. “You are okay, Commander? For now, at least?” She figured Alexia wanted to compose herself before they had their official debrief.

Internally, she was screaming now that everything was finally over with. Her ordeal had been horrendous, and no doubt she would break down later. But not now, not in front of her crew. There was a certain decorum a starship captain must exhibit, and no one had seen what'd happened in her ready-room. There were so many 'what ifs' about that moment, and no doubt she'd play them all in her head. "I'll be fine, Commander." She said. "A quick check-over by a medic and a long bath. After that, I will be very interested in hearing your story." She gave her first officer a reassuring smile she didn't mean, but external projection was everything.

Bree had handed over the phaser she'd still held and glanced over to Alexia hearing her. Her face turning that bright red once more in embarrassment and shame as she moved from where she was standing to start cleaning things up. Not a word was spoken, at this point in time none was needed and in a way she simply hoped to get the mess cleaned up and get back to the quiet safety of her quarters... at least there she couldn't get into trouble, then again... she had still managed to find trouble even there. Men clearly sucked and relationships... well, that was for the birds and the bee's it seemed. Maybe she just needed to become the ships crazy cat lady?


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