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Posted on Sat Nov 3rd, 2018 @ 5:19pm by Commander Alexia Hunter-Nolan

Mission: Spoilt Settlers
Location: Centaurus Bridge
Timeline: Concurrent to "Big Red Handle"


Clustered at the front of the bridge in the front left corner, the captured bridge crew were under the guard of two former colonists-turned-pirates, whilst other colonists attempted to utilise the ships systems. Due to the lock-out however, this was the same as trying to manipulate an anvil to do a back-flip of its own accord.

Phillipe was sat in the Captain's chair, trying to get the arm console to respond to his inputs. Having yet again received an 'access denied' appear on the screen, he began hitting the screen with both fists. Alexia smirked at the display, as her injuries reminded her of how that console screen felt. Whilst she was loathe to admit it, she owed a considerable debt to the pirate known as 'Carter'. If he'd not interceded when he had, her suffering would've been far far worse. This Carter fellow also seemed to have taken it upon himself to protect the other captive officers from his erstwhile leader's fury.

Of course, that was nothing compared to the raw seething fury emanating from Bree Rathburn towards Phillipe. After helping clean up the blood from her wounds, Bree had admitted to Alexia that she and Phillipe had entered into a physical relationship. Initially, Alexia had been very disappointed in the young engineer, but as she had time to consider it, she realised that not only was Phillipe a skilled manipulator and operator, but that he had likely seen Bree as an easy target to getting what he wanted. Even after it became apparent that Bree had no special access permissions and was unlikely to be helpful, his ego at being with a considerably younger woman had kept him coming back. Bree herself was young and impressionable, and also quite lonely. She'd gone through a horrific ordeal, of her own making, but it was still harsh. She'd been isolated and humiliated, and had been vulnerable to someone making her feel special again. The fact that she hadn't turned against the ship was a tribute to her desire to really take advantage of this chance.

Carter walked down the port-side ramp towards Phillipe, shaking his head. "Its no good Phil, we can't break the lock-out. The only saving grace right now is that they activated the Intruder Alert protocols before the lock-down, so their own security systems are keeping the majority of the crew locked down in their quarters or other locations. It's only those who were in the corridors we have to deal with."

Phil glared angrily towards the hostages, then back to Carter. "Give me an hour with her highness over there, and I'll get the lock-out removed." He sneered, indicating Nolan.

Carter shook his head. "No, I'm not letting you do that again. It didn't help us last time, and I have a much better idea anyway."

Phil hit the arm of the chair again. "And what's that?"

Carter shrugged. "We simply have Crull 'replace' the Captain. He'll gain her memories and voice, and she can undo the lock-out. Right now, as Lieutenant Valren, he can't. The third officer can't override the Captain. But the Captain can override the Captain."

A sinister grin appeared on Phil's face at the thought. "Oh yes, a much better idea." He said. "I'll enjoy watching her melt in agony inside Crull."

Carter rolled his eyes and turned to look at the aft part of the bridge where the young Trill woman was standing at the back. "Crull, come down here." He said.

The Trill turned and walked down to the command circle, approaching the two pirate leaders. "Yes?" It said in Valren's soft voice.

"Crull, I need you to replace Commander Nolan." Carter said, in a neutral tone, as if he were ordering lunch.

"Very well." Valren said, and then began to morph into its normal gelatinous state, changing from the beautiful Trill woman into his sickly-green/yellow appearance. "Bring the female to me." It said in its under-water sounding natural voice.

One of the guards grabbed Nolan firmly by her arm and pulled her to her feet, as the other bridge officers tried and failed to intercede. The other guard pointed his phaser at them, and kicked Bree in the chest as she tried to pull Nolan back into the group, sending her sprawling back onto her butt. Nolan was moved forcefully into the centre of her own bridge, and brought before the glob-thing. She glared angrily at the two pirates.

"I'll tell you nothing." She said, defiantly.

"We don't need you to." Carter said, simply. "Crull here is going to eat you, and once he's digested you, he can become you as a perfect replica. Just like we did with Lieutenant Valren."

It was at that moment that Nolan finally realised what had happened to her. She'd wondered when she'd morphed into that blob, but until now, it hadn't really dawned on her that she'd been... well... killed. "You monsters! She had a child!"

Carter shrugged. "We needed someone to get us onto the bridge, she was foolish enough to be alone in the gym when Crull came to visit."

Alexia was genuinely concerned now. Once they had the ship, they'd have no use for her crew. She'd give her life for her ship and her crew, but if in so doing, the basically gave them the keys to the ship... No, she had to do something. She had to deny them that option, and hope that Jael came back to take the ship away from them.

She looked down, pretending to be sad, but looked down at where her guard's feet were. She then stepped back suddenly, knocking him into a stagger. Moving swiftly, she elbowed him in the chest, sending him further back, and releasing his grip on the phaser he was holding. She grabbed it, and kicked him onto the floor. Phil and Carter started towards her, but she pulled the phaser on them. "Step back."

Phil stopped and then smirked at her. "Think you can take back the ship all by yourself, Nolan?"

Alexia cracked a half-smile and shot Phil in the groin, hurling him back onto the floor. The phaser had been on stun, so he'd get up again later. But that would smart downstairs for a while. "That was for trying to rape me, dickhead." She snapped at him, then turned the phaser onto Carter, who also looked sceptically at her.

"I know he's a dick, but he has a point. You can't win." He said, calmly. "Give me the phaser."

Alexia pressed a few buttons on the phaser. "I've set this to maximum." She said, still pointing it at him. "Next shot with this phaser will vaporise its target."

Carter took a half-step back in concern. "You still can't win, even if you kill us both."

Alexia chuckled. "I'm not going to kill you, Carter." She said, then pointed the phaser under her own chin.

Carter stepped forward, reaching a hand out towards her. "No!"

"I will not allow you to take Centaurus." Alexia said, her voice cracking slightly in fear, but still with defiant resolve. "I will kill myself before I allow you to impersonate me. Do not test my resolve. I am a Starfleet Officer, I have a duty to the Federation and my crew. I will never permit you to take my ship."

"Captain!" Hunter called out from the corner, trying to stop her.

"Tell Abi I love her." Alexia said, as a tear rolled down her cheek, closing her eyes. She'd never see her again, and that thought alone made her question her resolve. If she ever got out of this, she was going to make sure Abi knew how much she loved her, how even though they'd not been together all that long, how she was the single most important thing in it.

Her finger moved towards the fire button...


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