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Best Laid Plans

Posted on Mon Nov 5th, 2018 @ 7:32am by Commander Alexia Hunter-Nolan & Lieutenant JG Thomas Richardson & Ensign Remington (Remy) DuBare
Edited on on Tue Nov 6th, 2018 @ 1:03am

Mission: Spoilt Settlers
Location: Secondary Hull
Timeline: Concurrent with takedown

The counter on Remy’s wrist finally beeped, releasing him from his self imposed torture session. Breathing a sigh of relief he walked sorely over to the side of the corridor and leaned heavily on the bulkhead. See Remy, six miles, wasn't that bad. he said to his body, unfortunately the numbing pain in his legs and knees was communicating something else to him. While Remy wasn't 100% sure it felt like You're too damn old for this shit.

Sighing the oldest ensign on the ship pushed himself off the bulkhead and started his warm down jog toward the turbo lift only to hear “On your left.” Yet again come up from behind him as some kid more than half his age sprinted by. It was still the early morning watch, and many of the crew were getting in a run through the secondary hill before their duty shifts began. As Remy loped up to the turbo lift he spotted someone else waiting from the door. He looked younger than him, but in infinitely better shape.

“Morning.” He said to the stranger as another group of youngins went running by, “Bon Dieu, I wish I still had that energy. "

Before the other man could answer, disruptorfire could be heard down the hallway coming from main engineering. Force shields activited along the corridor, though half immediatly shorted out with many of the remainder flickering on and off. Within seconds a red alert sounded followed by the warbled noice of the computer, "INTRUDER ALERT:BRIDGE, INTRUDER ALERT: BRIDGE" and Remy found himself lurching against the wall as the ship came tio a complete stop.

His heart started to pound as years of reacting to pirate and marauders started to kick in. Well that helped me find my second wind he thought, then looking at his new companion, "Weapons locker!" He said in a remarkably calm voice, "We need to get to the nearest weapons locker."

Lieutenant Richardson nodded in whole-hearted agreement with Remy's statement, but still being new aboard this ship he wasn't exactly sure where the nearest weapons locker was located. All the Lieutenant currently had on him was an engineering kit he was going to use to examine the auxilary fusion generators on the lower decks; so, it certainly wouldn't have been useful in repeling a hostile force. "Lead the way," he said to his fellow crewman.

With a nod to the Lieutenant, Remy cautiously moved toward the disruptor fire takin a quick left into a small easily missed alcoves and upon seeing the ‘Action Packer' bolted to the wall, blessed Starfleet standard design protocol. Keying in his passcode he was rewarded by the red status light on the changing for red to green. “Remind me to send the IT guys a case of beer.” He whispered breaking the deadlock seal on the case. Removing the lid revealed a half a dozen type-2 phaser pistols, a PaDD and to Remy's surprise, four ‘flash bangs', “And a bottle of scotch to whoever stocked this thing.” He added handing it the phasers to the small group the gathered behind them.

The disruptor fire in the distance had died down, now replaced by the sounds of two sets of voices indistinctly yelling something at each other. Flipping open the PaDD Remy took a scan of the area, and clicked his teeth. “Looks like whoever's trying to take the bridge sent some people to take engineering, sir.” Remy said looking up at Richardson. Flicking a switch on the PaDD, Remy projected his display in the floor. Looks like there's a cluster of people hold up near the warp core, pretty sure they're our people, or at least they're wearing our commbadges. Two armed groups right outside the core here and another clustered around the main display table here. Eight ‘bad guys' in total inside engineering. About another dozen or so bodies down outside the core room, all wearing our comms. Still getting life readings from them so probably stunned.” Remy sighed, “Both upper gantries look clear.”

Richardson studied the scan's display intently. Taking the total number of their small team into account versus the apparent number of adversaries in Engineering alone, he replied, "While I don't relish the thought of kicking off a firefight in Engineering, we need to retake that section. We could try making a dual entry. One team can use the jefferies tubes to reach the maintenance outlets on the upper gantries. With the second team ready near the primary entrance to Main Engineering, we hit them fast and hard from both the top and bottom." The Lieutenant then pointed to a set of the flash bang grenades before adding, "With those, a quick surprise and a bit of luck, we can subdue the intruders before they have a chance to rally."

"I hear voices!" Shouted one of the pirates, and a few of them detached themselves to head towards the doors. One threw a sonic grenade through the doorway opening at the gathered officers.

Remy cursed as he scooped up the grenade and tossed it back into engineering. Luckily for them the pirates had buck fever and just pulled and threw forgetting grenades a five second fuse. The sonic blew just as it went through the doorway., fol.owed by dreams and curses.

Well there goes any surprise. Remy thought as he looked around and yelled, "Ah hell, I always loved charging the guns! COME ON!!!!" as he took off down the corridor hoping at least someone was following him. Before reaching the door, he popped the pin on the flash/bang and held it up so anyone following him could see what he was planning. Countimg to three, Remy prayed that the little old lady in the munitions factory was on the ball the day she made it.

As he hit the doorway he could see that most of the pirates were disoriented and trying to pick themselves off the deck, at least six others were rushing towards him. Tossing the flash/bang Remy quickly stepped to the side and closed his eyes tight,. Another bangs fills the air causing Remy to roll back and charge the room selecting targets. He hears phaser fire erupt behind him as pirate after pirate went down.

In the main room, the sounds of hand to hand fighting could be heard as the engineers that were hold up decided to charge the remaining pirates, after seeing the calvary had arrived. It had taken maybe forty-five, fifty seconds tops, but they had prevented engineering for being captured. "You." He said to a random engineer, "Start collecting guns and hand them out to anyone not armed. You and you take find a couple of other people and sort those pirates out. Strip search the bastards and zip tie their hands."

They all moved quickly to comply, which made Remy laugh. The was still in his running clothes, probably thought he out ranked them. Looking over he saw the Chief Engineer with a wide eyed expression on his face that Remy was sure he had as well, "Hey Lieutenant gotta love surprise, eh ya?" Which earned Remy a confused look, "Well the fact that worked suprised the hell out of me." Looking at the door, Remy shook his head, "Gotta lock that down before more of these guys show up. Come on there Lieutenant, morning's just started."


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