General Items
Main Bridge   The main bridge of a Galaxy Class Starship
Captain's Ready Room   Main Private Office of the Ship's Commanding Officer
Observation Lounge   Main Conference facilities aboard ship.
Captain's Quarters   Personal Quarters of the Ship's Captain
First Officer's Office   Personal Office of the First Officer
First Officer's Quarters   The XO's personal quarters
Senior Officer's Office   Generic Senior Officer's Office located on various decks throughout the ship.
Chief Engineer's Office   Specific Office of the Chief Engineer
VIP Suite   Very Important Person (V.I.P) accommodation aboard the Centaurus
Senior Officer Quarters   Standard Senior Officer (Dept Head) Accommodations
Standard Officer Quarters   Standard Officer Accommodation for mid-grade non-departmental head officers (Lt/LtCmdr/Cmdr)
Junior Officer's Quarters   Junior Officer Accommodation found aboard the USS Centaurus (Ens/LtJG/All WO grades/MCPO/SCPO/CPO)
Family Quarters   Family Accommodation aboard a Galaxy Class Starship
Cargo Bay   Cargo Bay of a Galaxy Class
Main Engineering   Main Engineering aboard a Galaxy Class
Battle Bridge   The secondary command centre for the 'Stardrive' section of the Galaxy class
Shuttle Bay   There are 3 main shuttlebays aboard a Galaxy Class Starship
Crew Lounge   The Main Crew Lounge
Brig   The Main Brig
Jefferies Tubes   Access Corridors around the ship