Colony Support

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The USS Centaurus has been dispatched to assist two colonies in the Malorus Belt - Gemini and Virgo. One faces the Solar Storm of the century, and the other a giant asteroid that cannot be stopped. Can the ship and crew save both colonies?

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Spoilt Settlers

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USS Centaurus has been tasked to ferry a load of colonists from Earth to the Montaris System. The only problem is... they're obnoxious as anything and expect to be pampered and spoilt by their Starfleet guests! Their demands tax the physical and emotional limits of the crew. Can they survive?

Prologue: The Second Chance Squad

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When the U.S.S. Centaurus is brought out from the depths of the Federation shipyard, Vice Admiral Charles Vernon dusts off its cobwebs and refits it with his crew of misfit Starfleet officers. Each officer, known only for their infamous reputations instead of their brilliant minds, must prove to the Federation (and themselves) they are meant for greatness. Will they be able to get along or are they doomed even before their shakedown cruise begins?