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Ensign Sara Dawson

Name Sara Dawson

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28
Homeworld Dorvan VI
Languages Spoken Federation Standard, Cherokee

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 5"
Weight 117 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Sara keeps herself in prime condition. She participates in a wide range of extracurricular activities, and maintains a moderate athletic physique. She also has some of the scars, both physically and mentally, from a cardassian labor camp including regeneration marks on her back from a Cardassian plasma whip. There are also the remnants of other scars she won't talk about.


Father Cody White-Mane, Cherokee Nation
Mother Alice Dawson (Deceased)
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sara Dawson has a lot of pent-up anger in her, and it was unleashed because old wounds were ripped open and laied bare during a diplomatic mission gone terribly wrong. Before the Dorvan Talks, Sara Dawson was a model starfleet officer and a disciplined and compassionate woman. She prefers to be left alone, and will purposefully seek isolation and quiet.

Now she is just trying to get her life back together again, and even contemplating leaving starfleet. Because it took her ten years to come to peace with the fact that the Dominion crushed her people mercilessly for fighting with the Maquis. Now she's become skeptical and suspicious of the federation, even as she believes in Starfleet's mission. In essence, she believes in the Federation's principals, but not its leaders.

She'll stand by people once they prove their loyalty, but the Dorvan Conference Incident tore a raw and bleeding wound into her. She now has a burning and fueled hatred of Cardassians no matter if they were military or civilian. She's a torn woman, and she's looking for a path to redemption, but she's determined that she'll never become as insidious as her sworn foe.
Strengths & Weaknesses Ms. Dawson's greatest strength is her loyalty and compassion. She's made it her life's mission never to become the enemy she despises, especially after the incident that nearly ruined her career. It's her white-hot anger towards all Cardassians that is her greatest weakness. She struggles with her rational mind and the pure rage that threatens to consume her.
Ambitions She's looking for another career than Starfleet, as she knows that the Starfleet Admiralty would never hand the center chair over to the woman responsible for the Dorvan Conference's failure. She's considering leaving Federation Space for parts unknown, and the only thing that keeps her in the Federation is that a friend talked her into a position on the Centaurus, and it was easy to do it too because only cowards run away.
Hobbies & Interests Performing her duty, then sitting in her quarters to read a book with the door closed and locked. Sometimes she ventures out to the holodeck around midnight to play romantic holo-novels and simulations of Dorvan VI's pristine wilderness. The wild calms her, allows her to put her life into perspective, and she will also hunt and fish when the opportunity presents itself.

Personal History Sara Dawson was born on the Dorvan VI colony to Alice Dawson and a Cherokee named Cody White-mane. She lived a very peaceful life on the colony until the colony was handed over to the Cardassian Union. That was when the nightmare known as her life took a turn for the worst. Only a few years later, Dorvan VI was visited by the Cardassians and they imprisoned and interrogated the inhabitants of Dorvan VI at will.

Sara and her mother were sent to a labor camp. There she was interred under a sadistic overseer named Glin Caravac things only grew worse when Sara was forced by Cardassian interrogators into watching her father being tortured, followed by her mother for information on the maquis. She would spend four years of her life on Keltek II until the camp was liberated. She was sixteen.

It took years of counseling for her to escape the psychological wounds the Cardassians inflicted upon her. But one thing she'll never 'get over' is the white-hot anger she feels towards cardassians. Academy instructors have told her to get over it. But as she says, 'The wounded bear cannot forgive or forget.' It took time for her to find some kind of peace with the past, and she is actively looking for a way to find some closure with her past wounds. Until her first assignment.

A Federation Diplomat named Ambassador S'Ten approached Sara about a special assignment to assist in representing the federation for a peace conference on Dorvan VI where the Detapa Council would issue a formal apology for the destruction of the colony. Sara still despised Cardassians, but she saw this as a way to the closure she wanted. She was wrong. She arrived on Dorvan VI to find that it was now Gul Caravac that arranged the entire conference, and he purposefully requested S'Ten to bring survivors of Dorvan because he knew what would happen. Sara would loose her mind when she saw her father, broken into Caravac's service, serving him Kanar.

The Rage caused Sara to snap and she lept across the table and attempted to kill Caravac, she nearly succeeded before she was stunned.

The Dorvan Conference was a catastrophic diplomatic catastrophe. It was orchestrated by Caravac himself to prove that the Federation was still endorsing 'Maquis Violence' and Sara was facing court martial and a manslaughter charge. However the charge was lessened to aggravated assault as it was proven beyond a doubt that Gul Caravac purposefully kept Cody Whitemane around to provoke Sara and insult was compounded with injury as Caravac had Whitemane read a rehearsed speech disowning his own daughter thus trying to provoke Sara even more.

Sara Dawson was sentenced to five years at the Federation Penal Settlement at New Zealand. What was once a woman who was seeking redemption, is now a sealed off soul just wanting to run away after her prison term ends.
Service Record Starfleet Academy Earth

USS Hong Kong

USS Harrisburg
Lt. JG

Court Martial

Federation New Zealand Penal Colony