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Lieutenant JG Thomas Richardson

Name Thomas Alva Richardson

Position Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 27
Homeworld Earth
Languages Spoken Federation Standard

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 150 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Richardson has brown eyes and short brown hair that he generally wears parted to the left. He has no visible scars or birthmarks, and is usually clean shaven. Thomas is not bulky in terms of muscle mass, but is a very physically fit man.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Gregory Alenn Richardson
Mother Sara Rene Williams-Richardson
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Lani Richardson, 21 Years Old
Other Family Extended, but no regular contact.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Richardson is a by-the-book officer. While his psychological profile denotes a certain degree of reclusive or shy behavior, Thomas is still able to perform his duties in a top-notch manner. He just simply wouldn't be considered or aim to be the center of attention in a social gathering.
Strengths & Weaknesses Richardson is an intelligent, but shy, man. However, his shyness is not so severe as to inhibit his ability to function with his fellow officers in the professional setting. He is also a very tempered individual who is not easily riled into a rage or fury by the words and actions of others.
Ambitions Richardson is a career Starfleet Officer, or so he hopes to remain one. After the mishap while serving aboard the U.S.S. Aventfell, he'll need his next assignment to go off without a hitch if he wishes to remain in Starfleet.
Hobbies & Interests Playing the piano, building model ships of the ancient sailing variety, and the holodeck game of velocity.

Personal History Thomas Alva Richardson was born in Northern California, Earth to Gregory and Sara Richardson. He is the eldest of their two children; his sibling being a younger sister named Lani. Thomas enjoyed a relatively comfortable childhood. As a young boy, he was fascinated with mechanical engineering-- how things moved in motion and response to one another, both in the manufactured and natural world, but his first true fascination was with starships. Being the first in his family to do so, he entered into Starfleet Academy after his eighteenth birthday.

While at the Academy, Cadet Richardson did quite well in his studies. However, he never really fit in socially with the other cadets. Instead, he often preferred quiet time to himself in his dorm rather than, for instance, visiting the famous 'Club 49' in downtown San Francisco, a popular location for Starfleet cadets. Although this made him appear socially isolated from his classmates, when it came time for interactions and simulations that tested the abilities of the cadets to work as a team, Richardson's shyness took a back seat to accomplishing the task at hand. As such, it was never a detractor of his performance at the Academy.

After graduating a modest fourth in his class, Ensign Richardson was assigned to the Federation Starship U.S.S. Trachtenburg as an Engineering Officer. The Trachtenburg was a deep space exploratory vessel that was ordered to survey the Iotoba Servu sector in the Beta Quadrant. During the DSEM, the Trachtenburg was attacked by a hostile and xenophobic race known as the Aa'utul. Their ruthless ambush of the Federation ship was in response to the Trachtenburg having crossed into Aa'utul space; albeit unknowingly to the Starfleet crew, until it was too late. The violent assault resulted in the deaths of both the Chief and Assistant Chief Engineering Officers in the first few minutes of the engagement. This left Ensign Richardson as the most senior engineering officer on station. To his credit, and training, Richardson was able to figure out a way to attune the shielding of the Tractenburg to significantly reduce the impact of the Aa'utul's weaponry; thereby, allowing the crippled Starfleet vessel a chance to escape into a nearby nebula where they were able to evade detection and pursuit by the Aa'utul for three days. Eventually, the hostile aliens gave up their pursuit of the Trachtenburg, and at the first opportunity, the ship made haste on a straight reverse course.

Following the engagement, a commendation was entered into Richardson's file by the ship's Commanding Officer, Captain Hillary Ramon. She also promoted him to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and assigned him to the position of the ship's Chief Engineering Officer. When the Trachtenburg finally returned to Earth almost three years later, its crew was re-shuffled and Richardson was reassigned to the U.S.S. Aventfell as its Chief Engineer.

While serving aboard the Aventfell, Richardson began a personal relationship with Chief Medical Officer, Lieutenant Gracie Halifax. This relationship, however, is what would arguably lead to Richardson's crisis in career. During the Aventfell's mission to Nkozi II, the vessel was dispatched on a humanitarian mission to render aid to the planet's citizens following a natural disaster that resulted in the deaths of millions. As the Aventfell began to render aid, its crew picked up on unusual signs that pointed to the cause of the disaster being more artificial than natural. It turned out that a militant sect of the Nkozi polulation had found a way to weaponize the magma pockets just underneath the surface of the planet.

When it became clear that this was a matter of civil war and that the Starfleet crew was in danger, the Aventfell's Commanding Officer ordered his personnel on the surface to return to the ship. Both Lieutenants Halifax and Richardson disregarded the order. Gracie had convinced Thomas to stay and help her and the Nkozi government doctors tend to the wounded, even as rebel forces prepared to attack the makeshift medical facility. The stalwart and stubborn behavior of his subordinates forced the Aventfell's Captain to send a security team to bring them back to the ship, by force if necessary. However, by the time the security team landed, the attack was already underway. Both Lieutenants were extracted, but not before three of the Aventfell's security officers were killed in the ensuing firefight.

The Commanding Officer had planned to press charges against both Lieutenants, but fortunately, or unfortunately depending on view, for Richardson, Gracie Halifax's father was a member of the admiralty. He used his clout and connections to shield his daughter, and to a certain extent, Lieutenant Richardson as well. However, their service aboard the Aventfell had come to an undeniable end. Gracie was reassigned to Earth while Richardson was reassigned to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers division on Starbase 83-- a remote backwater outpost. The two's relationship eventually simmered out until all contact was lost, but the damage had already been done to Richardson's career. A department head who violated a Commanding Officer's orders that led to the death of several of his fellow crewmates would almost certainly never serve in such a position anywhere in the fleet again.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Graduated 4th in his class. Skilled in Mechanical Engineering, Theoritical Propulsion Mechanics and Shield Capacitor and Attenuation Principles.

U.S.S. Trachtenburg - Assigned as Engineering Officer. Rank of Ensign. Later promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and reassigned as the Chief Engineering Officer

U.S.S. Aventfell - Assigned as the Chief Engineering Officer. Rank of Lieutenant. Later reduced in grade to Lieutenant Junior Grade and reassigned to Starbase 83 following the incident on Nkozi II.

Starbase 83 - Assigned as Engineering Officer. Rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

U.S.S. Centaurus - Assigned as Chief Engineering Officer. Rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.