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Ensign Remington (Remy) DuBare

Name Remington (Remy) DuBare

Position Helm Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 46
Homeworld Earth
Languages Spoken French (cajun), French(Parisian), English, Orion, Rigellian, Ferengi Trade

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 210
Hair Color Brown, going to gray and white
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Decent shape for his age
Keeps hair short
Wears a close cropped beard
Has a tattoo on his left bicep of Donald Duck pulling a line of ships away from a hungry looking black hole with writing around its edge: "Safety Detachment 336: Starbase Oblivion "The Maw"` on top and 'Because Fu*k You' on the bottom


Spouse Liada, divorced (10 months)
Children Anne, 26, Lieutenant aboard USS Budapest
Carlos, 24, Lieutenant jpg. aboard USS Franklin
Father Thomas, 87
Mother Anne, 83
Brother(s) Micheal
Sister(s) Teresa
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Remy is Cajun born on a bayou tesh. The first thing you notice about him is a certain Joie de vivre, a disposition, a way of looking at things, the ability to enjoy life, to appreciate and even relish the good things life has to offer. He has the capacity to interpret things in a positive manner, to find the good in things. It's a condition of the mind and heart. He does more than just exist; he rejoices over his lot in life, and somehow makes those around him enjoy theirs. It's an almost a spiritual outlook on life, conceiving himself and those around him as being part of a metaphysical world, holding to that there is more to life than just material things. While he's not blind to the bad things that happen, he cherishes the good.

He's Industrious and hardworking. Knowing that things only get done when you do them. He doesn't feel restricted by how things are done or how things are suppose to be. While he honors tradition he's not a slave to it, being practical enough to do what works. While he's hardworking his not so blind as to ignore those around him. He will tend to work with people getting the best of what they have to offer to help solve problems.

He hates absolutes, unreasonable restrictions, blind ignorance and overbearing unyielding authoritarian personalities, tending to chafe under their narrow vision. He's impetuous at times, and can have trouble keeping his mouth and anger in check.

Strengths & Weaknesses Driven
Jokes a lot
Ambitions To serve in star fleet, protect the weak help those that need it, tilting with the occasional windmill.
Hobbies & Interests Collecting and reading paper books

Personal History Remy DuBare was born in the seat of an airboat, skimming across the bayou in one of the worse hurricanes that Louisiana had ever seen, at least that’s how Mama DuBare tell it. And no one in all of Cameron Parish would dispute Mama DuBare’s stories with anything as mundane as facts, not if they wanted to eat the best Cajun food in Coastal Louisiana, served exclusively from her restaurant on Sweet Lake. Most agreed it was just the DuBare Matriarch’s way of saying her youngest son was a born pilot, and that was a fact that nobody would ever deny. Whether it was a skimmer or a starship. Remy just seemed to have an instinct for anything that moved.

But maybe that’s spoiling the story, at least ways the it’s the Eric point of view all outsiders cling to. So let’s stick to fact for a long as can be done and still have a good story. Now don’t be worrying, everything put down here is true, whether it happened or not.

Now like was hinted above, Remy was born in Cameron Parish, in the fine state of Louisiana. the largest parish by size by area, (4th largest by land area) and the smallest by population, with is composed of Acadian French (Cajuns), Akakapa and Choctaw indigenous and the descendants of any pirates, outlaws and ruffians that decided to call the area home for the past 800 some odd years. And that pretty much sums up what flows through Remy’s veins; the people the land and the water.

Now most would think that would make Remy nothing better than simple-minded swamp dweller whose life revolved around eating, drinking and dance. A dull, unambitious lump who aspire to nothing more than the Saturday night dance and another can of beer. And nothing could be further from the truth, Remy’s been know to go out on Fridays too, and Sundays, well come to think of it any day ending in ‘y’ is pretty much fair game. Now if this is all that Remy was he wouldn’t be half as interesting as he is.

Remy has a distinct spiritual outlook on life, conceiving himself as part of a metaphysical world that there is more to life than just material things. As a boy, well there were just times he looked at everyone around him, confused, wondering what all the fuss was about. This is not to say he was some neo-hippy trying to be one with every bald cypress and gator in the bayou or that he was lazy in any way. In fact he was always industrious and hardworking, in way the was his alone.

For example he was a bright boy, In fact, Remy excelled in school, despite the fact he tended to get suspended from it on a regular basis. Something that drove his teachers to distraction. Once in the tenth grade, he was brought before the principle for cheating on a Biology midterm. Remy received a perfect score and the teacher said it was impossible given the fact that the boy was hardly ever in his class, and he should be expelled. Now his mama would not stand for that so he had to sit in the principal's office and take another three exams, receiving two hundreds and a 98%.

When asked how he did that Remy just shrugged and laughed, saying he read the book and knew the teacher, so how knowing what was on the test was no harder than how a boat you built would handle on a stretch of river you knew by heart. And so it went. Now. it wasn’t that Remy hated school in any real way, it was just that he always seemed to find other things to occupy him. Then in in his junior year something gave him laser focus, or more precisely someone did, Juliette Monreau.

Julliette was French, but not only French she was Parisian. A creature so different from what Remy was used to she might as well been from another planet. Her parents were linguists from the Université Panthéon-Sorbonne in Paris. They had come to Louisiana to study the divergence of Cajun French from their Parisian dialect. And everyone in the Parish knew the most divergent place was Mama DuBare’s on the Sweet Lake, bringing the young Ms. Monreau into Remy’s life.

As with many 16 year olds, Remy was going to do anything stupid and ill advised to get her attention. After exhausting his usual repertoire, out of desperation he joined the JROTC out of Lake Charles, giving him at least an hour with her in an airboat as they went back and forth from the meetings. In the end, Remy found love and of course heartbreak after a couple of years, when Julliette’s family returned to France. But he found something else that peaked his interest, star fleet, and the possibilities it held. So Remy DuBare, rebel without a clue did the last thing anyone of his friends and family would expect. He entered the disciplined life of a Starfleet cadet.

Now of course this is the part of the story that Remy’s learned some important life lesson and goes on to graduate at the top,of his class. This is not that type of story. Thanks to a Sadist of a team leader named Sato, Remy spent most of his academy career sitting at attention at the end of his rack, for the multitude of violations and demerits that he’d piled up. Of course he was unaware that Sato only rode him so hard to instill some sense of discipline in someone she knew to be a brilliant natural pilot and tactician. No that it occurred to Remy, who wanted nothing better than to knock Sato’s teeth down her throat.

By his senior year, because of and quiet possibly to spite Sato, Remy found himself as a midshipman with his first training cruise aboard USS Granger. To his horror he found himself assigned to the shuttle bay to the deck gang led by the newly minted Ensign Sato. Surprisingly Remy found commissioning had mellowed the woman, she actually smiled at him and tried to take him under her wing. And during the cruise they became,,,, very special friends. Unfortunately it was this special friendship that brought out Remy’s impulsive side, ending his career in starfleet before it began.

The first incident occurred when Sato’s deck gang was sent to help survey a refugee transport that had broken down in the back end of beyond. The lieutenant assigned to conduct the safety survey ignored several glaringly obvious structural,issues with the ship. She wasn’t going to make it 50 klicks through space let alone the 50 light years she needed to reach a safe harbor. Both Sato and Remy knew the bastard lieutenant was just telling their Captain what he wanted to hear, so oldman wouldn’t have to transport ‘dirty refugees’ half of which he believed were terrorists. So Remy ‘accidentally’ overloaded the EPS systems of the refugee ship, blowing the manifold and about 80% of the EMS conduits aboard, forcing Granger to transport the refugees themselves. Remy was accused of gross misconduct and assigned restricted duty in the bay, which led to the second incident.

Sato was flying a survey mission on a gas giant when her shuttle got caught in the planet’s gravity well. Because of shearing gravimetric forces Granger was unable to get a lock on the shuttle with a tractor beam and transporter could not get a lock. As his superiors argued Remy could see the solution and tried to tell them but found himself shut out. Determined, Remy stole a shuttle raft leaving the Granger without authorization. In the end he rescued Sato and the rest of the shuttles crew, but ended up losing any chance he had for being a commissioned officer.

Stripped of rank, Remy found himself scraping paint in a boneyard inside the Rigel system for the next six years. In that time he met a woman Liada, an el-Alurian refugee. A mysterious older woman. They fell in love and started a family. He was happy. Professionally his life improved as well, getting a reprieve from the boneyard, he found his way to the crashboats corps, saving and protecting the lives of spacefarers from Rigel to the Maw from everything from storms and mechanical failure to pirates and Maurauders. Not everyday was good, not every day was bad.

Over the years he gained a reputation as 'The Angel of the Storm' and 'The King of SAR (Search and Rescue)' earning more than a few commendations for his service jacket. Unfortunately, his jacket also contained letters of reprimand for insubordination, public intoxication, brawling and one odd incident involving his commanding officers quarters with "2000 lbs of grain, three metric tons tribbles, a heavilly sedated Vulcan Sehlat and several large drums of laxatives" Which found him reduced by two grades in rank and placed in the stockade, only to be released when the storm season rolled around. As a result of his attitude and more colorful excapades, he never rose in rank above Petty Officer 1st class.

Also over the years he and his wife grew apart staying together over the past eight years only until their youngest child graduated the Academy. A one month before his retirement, his divorce from his wife, who now appeared as the younger woman (Even though she was 573) was finalized. Alone in the Rigel system, Remy contemplated the next phase of his life. That’s when an old special friend looked him up with a commission in her hand and a crazy idea of a second chance to be a commissioned officer.
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